Electric Ship Technologies On Display

Energy Magazine Demo Energy Magazine Demo - We have demonstrated Energy Magazine technology and multi-application hardware for future pulse weapons/sensors and stable back-up power. This technology is suitable for DDG 51 back fit and other ship class applications.

Small Weapons and Stores Elevator ControllerSmall Weapons and Stores Elevator Controller - The Small Weapons and Stores Elevator Controller, developed for and installed on the CVN 78 class, provides remote automated electromagnetic actuation (replacing hydraulics and pneumatics) on submarines and large surface ships. Leveraging this technology will increase sortie rate and efficiency while reducing manning and total ownership costs.

Advanced Data Acquisition & Control System ADACS Advanced Data Acquisition & Control System (ADACS) - ADACS features embedded sensors & controls for predicting and detecting arc faults in high power electrical systems with real time warning and control. Learn more

PA44 Permanent Magnet Motor / GeneratorPA44 Permanent Magnet Motor / Generator - The PA44 is direct water-cooled and rated up to 625HP. At only 395 lbs. the PA44 produces 1.6 horsepower per lb., making it the most power dense machine in its class. It has been selected to provide hybrid electric drive propulsion for the U.S. Coast Guard Offshore Patrol Cutter program
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Hybrid Electric / Electric Propulsion MotorsHybrid Electric / Electric Propulsion Motors - DRS provides power-dense solutions for Naval propulsion for Hybrid Electric Drive and Integrated Electric Drive. Our hybrid electric drive machines include gear mounted and shaft mounted solutions to fit operational needs and provide flexibility in engine room design. Our demonstrated propulsion drives for U.S. Navy applications show our ability to meet strict power quality and acoustic requirements. Learn more

N2000 / N2001 Navy Overload Motor Controller and NEMO DemonstratorN2000 / N2001 Navy Overload Motor Controller and NEMO Demonstrator - We provide a wide range of reliable motor control offerings by leveraging our strong engineering capabilities, full understanding MIL-SPECs and experience gained from a history of successful products.
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Future Tech Enablers on Display

Modular Refrigeration Unit (MRU) Modular Refrigeration Unit (MRU) - Leonardo DRS has a fully qualified .75T MRU and a 1.5T Modular Refrigeration Unit under development. The MRUs are, hatch-able for easy installation. Currently being fielded on DDG 51 and ideal for new construction or back-fit.

76mm Shipboard Gun76mm Shipboard Gun - The Leonardo 76mm Super Rapid Gun is an ideal solution for increasing ship lethality and survivability. Leonardo DRS provides refurbishment as the US-licensed manufacturer and for FMS opportunities.

Centaurus Centaurus - Leonardo DRS’ Content Management System, Centaurus, is an Open Architecture, Network Management Application enabling integration of all Network and Communications Systems into a single user interface.

Integrated Voice Communications System (IVCS) DRS’ Integrated Voice Communications System (IVCS) - is the 2nd generation SHINCOM IVCS system currently being installed on all DDG new construction and DDG and CG backfits.
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OspreyOsprey - Osprey MM multi-mode surveillance radar provides second generation Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) surveillance capability as the primary sensor on airborne assets to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
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Vulcano Ammo RoundVulcano Guided Amunition - Leonardo has been invited by the US Navy (USN) to verify and test its Vulcano guided ammunition for potential application to the DDG 1000 MK 51 155 mm calibre Advanced Gun System (AGS).
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Rotorcraft & Aviation Training & Support Capabilities on Display

Air Combat Training integrated Visualization Environment (ACTiVE) Air Combat Training integrated Visualization Environment (ACTiVE) - Air combat training display and de-brief system with 3D displays. Instructors can create, modify and manage a variety of mission scenario templates.
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AW119KxAW119Kx - The AW119Kx is a spacious single turbine helicopter developed to enhance safety levels and provide high productivity and performance at a competitive price. A high passenger load combined with range capability has led the helicopter to be successfully introduced into offshore applications.

AW609 AW609 - The unique characteristics of the AW609 TiltRotor combine the benefits of a helicopter and a fixed-wing aircraft into one aircraft. Taking off and landing vertically, flying above adverse weather conditions with up to nine people in comfort in a pressurized cabin at twice the speed and range typical of helicopters, the AW609 TiltRotor represents the next generation of aircraft transport for civil (both private and commercial operators), government and para-public roles.

Common Boresight System (CBS) Common Boresight System (CBS) - The CBS is a laser-based boresighting system, used to align/calibrate various Avionic sub-systems, including weapons, radar, navigation and sighting systems, on a number of fixed and rotary wing aircraft.
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Embedded Training Data Link (ETDL)Embedded Training Data Link (ETDL) - Data Link and Processor Internal Instrumentation supporting Live-Virtual-Constructive and Embedded Training capabilities on basic jet trainer and front line fighter Aircraft. The ETDL operates in L and S RF Band.

JSAS Pod aJSAS Pod a - Wing mounted airborne instrumentation pods that provide live training to combat aircrews operating tactical aircraft. Instrumentation provides for real-time weapon simulation, real-time monitoring of training events, multi-level security, type one RF encryption and post-mission aircrew debriefing to aid in training lessons learned.

Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) Pod Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) Pod - Concept development wing mounted airborne instrumentation pod providing aircrew with a live-Virtual-Constructive training capability.

P5 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Internal Subsystem (IS)P5 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Internal Subsystem (IS) - Internally mounted airborne instrumentation providing live training to F-35 combat aircrews. The JSF P5 Internal Subsystem provides for real-time weapon simulation supported by a type one encryption device and supports post-mission aircrew debriefing to aid in training lessons learned. The JSF P5 IS is interoperable with the wing mounted P5 Pods on 4th generation aircraft.

Undersea Domain

T-SAS and SAMDIS Synthetic Aperture Sonar T-SAS and SAMDIS Synthetic Aperture Sonar - Synthetic Aperture and Mine Detection Imagery Sonar (SAMDIS) is an advanced synthetic aperture system that detects modern, stealthy underwater mines with real-time image generation. It features U.S. engineering, manufacturing, and support for high-TRL, high performance Mine Warfare (MIW) SONAR systems. 
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Next Gen Combat Systems Hardware Technology

Portable Control Station (PCS) Portable Control Station (PCS) - Next gen combat system technology featuring seamlessly integrated, flexible, open architecture, commercial-of-the-shelf (COTS)-based mission package solutions for Rapid Capability Insertion (RCI) from Advanced Acoustic Concepts (a Leonardo DRS / Thales joint venture).

Mission Critical Equipment Cabinet for CPS TI16 Mission Critical Equipment Cabinet for CPS TI16 - DRS provides development, testing, production and delivery of display, workstation, processing and network systems for ship combat control.