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Advanced Marine Technology Center

An industry leader, our Advanced Marine Technology Center (AMTC) is a research and development Center of Excellence focused on advanced naval architecture, engineering software development, hydrodynamics and high performance computing, and ship structural design and analysis technology. The AMTC high performance Beowulf Cluster computer facility, with a 952-core high speed computer capability, provides state-of-the-art and cost-effective HPC resources. 

AMTC commercial software packages include:

  • Orca3D: Integrated naval architecture suite
  • Maestro: Rapid structural modeling and finite element analysis/structural evaluation
  • ShipWeight: Parametric weight & CoG estimation

Design, Analysis and Research

  • Advanced hull form/hydrodynamics
  • Severe sea state seakeeping and dynamic stability analysis
  • Global structural optimization
  • Model testing and analysis
  • Appendage design
  • Air wake simulation
  • Flight deck certification
  • Hydrostatics/stability
  • Resistance and powering
  • Seakeeping and maneuvering
  • Structural design and analysis
  • Weight engineering
  • Computational fluid dynamics analysis

−     Hull flow/wake analysis

−     Air wake/aircraft-ship dynamic interface modeling and simulation

Services and Analysis

Structural Design and Assessment Services and Advanced Structural Analysis Techniques

  • Hydrodynamic loading
  • Extreme load analysis
  • Spectral fatigue analysis
  • Hull girder whipping
  • Hull girder ultimate strength
  • Shock and vibration analysis

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