Advanced Program Support Team


Industry Leading Operations and Maintenance Support of Leonardo DRS & Industry Partners Systems and Technologies

The Leonardo DRS Advanced Program Support (APS) team consists of highly skilled and expeditionary Field Service Representatives (FSR) who are recognized experts in Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) and Airborne Mission Networking.

The majority of our APS team personnel are veteran SOF operators and maintainers committed to providing timely Continental U.S. (CONUS) and Outside Continental U.S. (OCONUS) on-site support to Leonardo DRS customers world-wide. Our team of expeditionary embedded experts are ready to respond to short-notice deployments and seamlessly integrate with, and operate alongside our SOF customers in austere forward operating locations. Additional Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) reach-back from world-class Leonardo DRS technical engineering resources will provide unrivalled system engineering services and procurement support for new and replacement equipment. Other areas of expertise include operations and maintenance support, air/ground vehicle integration and aircrew and maintainer training.

Over the past four years, the Leonardo DRS team has successfully modified and supported 45 total aircraft with airborne mission networking systems. The APS team’s capability to successfully provide next-level CLS for these same airborne mission networking systems can be verified through feedback from the supported SOF aircrew, maintenance personnel, and squadron leadership.

The APS team continues to successfully execute requests for simultaneous support to home-station flying missions, training exercises, contingency deployments, and OCONUS contingency and combat operations.

The APS Team

Advanced Program Support TeamAdvanced Program Support Team Advanced Program Support Team

The Leonardo APS team is responsible for supporting, engineering, designing, installing, operating, and training with the full spectrum of airborne and ground mission networking and data links systems. They are mission networking professionals with hands-on experience with multiple airborne platforms and ground systems. Leonardo DRS Support Team personnel are proficient with commercial and Government software suites and maintain DoD 8570 IAT Level II certifications.

The Leonardo DRS APS team is experienced with all aspects of traveling in and out of combat zones, including the use of the Synchronized Pre-deployment and Operational Tracker (SPOT) database, Letters of Agreement (LOA), Theater Business Clearance (TBC), travel via approved commercial and Government routes, and registering as an approved contractor at deployed locations.

Customer Testimonial

“I’ve had the pleasure and honor of working with DRS during ongoing contingency operations. Not only were their services essential to our mission success, their work ethic, professionalism and dedication to excellence was exemplary!  Each individual showed initiative in ensuring that our systems and capabilities were always maximized and worked extremely flexible schedules in excess of 14 hour work days, 7 days a week. Further, during escalation to combat operations, their patriotism and understanding of our mission added whatever it took to get the job done and the extra unwritten/unspoken element that made them a part of our team…honorary squadron members for life!  There aren’t enough words that describe our extreme satisfaction with the job well done and ongoing that DRS Advanced Program Support Engineers provide!  They deserve the highest recognition.” - Deployed Squadron Commander

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