ATS100 Hand Held Electronic Warfare Threat Stimulator

Being delivered to stimulate/test the UK Eurofighter as part of the DRS Tiered Testing concept of Factory to Flight Line

“Free Space” or powering DRS antenna couplers, the ATS100 is designed to be an “End of Runway” Go/No Go confidence tester or can be used to stimulate any of the DRS antenna couplers. Designed to be part of the DRS family of testers, the ATS100 is the major component of the DRS Tier 1 tiered testing family. The ATS100 is a fully programmable handheld RF stimulator unit for stimulating/testing platform Electronic Warfare (EW) systems. It is a self-contained battery operated unit that can be easily programmed to produce simple or complex threats to match system Mission Dependent Data (MDD). The ATS100 4.3 inch color screen and edge keys guide the user quickly and easily through test scenarios.

Test files are held in a USB flash drive that is inserted into the unit. The ATS100 has features to support the use of hardware encrypted USB flash drives. The ATS100 software enables users to quickly program threat parameters using simple on-screen instructions. As well as transmitting threats in “Free Space,” the ATS100 can also be connected to a DRS antenna coupler. This enables repeatable tests to be carried out on individual antenna quadrants. The ATS100 can also provide DC power to antenna couplers to stimulate frequencies in the ku band.

The ATS100 is also capable of multi-lingual operation; the existing version supports English, German, Italian and Spanish.

ATS100 EW Threat Simulator

Designed to be an ‘End of Runway’ Go/No Go confidence tester or can be used to stimulate any of the DRS antenna couplers.

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Factory to Flight Line

Electronic Warfare (EW) Three Tiered Testing

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ATS100 Electronic Warfare Threat Stimulator

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