CAS-5200 VHF/UHF Radio Frequency Distribution (RFD) System


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The DRS CAS-5200 Very High Frequency/Ultra High Frequency (VHF/UHF) Radio Frequency Distribution (RFD) System provides the interface between antenna RF outputs and two separate Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) systems (a DF sub-system and a third-party analysis sub-system) used in the CAS-5000 system. 

The RFD supports 12 parallel channel RF signal conditioning modules and one “hot spare” module that can be used by either system attached to the RFD. Each signal conditioning module selects the appropriate antenna input and conditions the selected signal so as to maximize the dynamic range realized by the attached SIGINT system. 

Each signal conditioning module consists of an RF switch assembly, a high dynamic range low-noise RF amplifier, which may be bypassed, an RF limiter and a switched RF attenuator. Each module is capable of supporting up to 5 inputs. 

The RFD has been designed for maximum flexibility. It has a DO-160D compliant power supply usable in both ground and airborne applications (50 to 440 Hz; 90 to 240 VAC). It also has a Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) based controller that accepts both serial and Ethernet based commands. The RFD was designed using modularized components that are fully compliant in the most demanding environments. Particular attention has been made to maximize shielding within the unit to preserve signal integrity. 

The RFD also accepts 2 compensation signals — one for each attached SIGINT system. These compensation signals may be routed out one of two or three ports to a distribution power divider selected for particular frequency bands. The CAS-5200 has been optimized for use in the CAS-5000 system; however, the unit may be tailored for use with other systems fairly easily. 


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