Electronic Warfare Instrumented Training Range (EWITR)

Train aircrews in real-world scenarios with the latest generation of equipment.


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In order to create an effective aircrew and innovative tactics, simulation must be completely aligned with reality. With EWITR, instructors can train aircrews in threat recognition, aircraft Radar Warning Receivers (RWR) and Electronic Counter Measure (ECM) equipment using the technology that is on the field waiting for them.

Using today’s ground-based and airborne infrastructure, EWITR accurately simulates an actual threat radar, preparing tomorrow’s aircrew for the real thing. To help them grow even faster, instructors are able to monitor training and test missions in real time, and also replay data for after-action review.

With this support, aircrews rapidly develop tactics to survive all threats, both in the simulated world and in the real one they will soon enter.

The EWITR is available in a wide variety of frequencies and configurations that can be combined to create a complete training experience alongside other DRS airborne flight instrumentation training systems.

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