Joint Man-Portable Air Defense System (JMANPADS) Trainer

Enhance rotary and fixed wing aircrew proficiency in countering today’s lethal MANPADS.


Joe Testa

DRS Training & Control Systems

Fort Walton Beach, FL

+1 850 302 3843

Parts & Service

Easy to use, with minimal maintenance or operator training required, JMANPADS cost-effectively helps aircrews develop the skills to avoid lethal Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS). It houses a variety of capabilities within an untethered lightweight rugged assembly and can easily be tailored to meet the requirements of individual training ranges and scenarios — both day and night.

For After Action Review, the JMANPADS directly records missions onto the trainer or on an internal rugged removable hard drive, which can be transferred to external PCs. The JMANPAD Ultra-Violet (UV) threat signature has been successfully tested with a variety of warning systems including the AAR-47 and the AAR-57 Common Missile Warning Systems. Providing an accurate and comprehensive recap of the scenario, so that aircrews can survive the battlefield successfully.

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