Modular Field Kitchen (MFK)

Prepare up to 1,000 meals on site at a moment’s notice.


Kurt Peterson

DRS Land Systems

St. Louis, MO

+1 314 553 4580 

Spares Support

+1 314 553 4272

The most flexible mobile kitchen system available, the MFK can prepare and supply hot meals any time, at any site, in any climate. It can operate as a complete kitchen line, with capabilities including baking, boiling, deep frying, steaming, grilling and griddling, or it can be broken down into smaller components for more focused meals.

The MFK can be deployed, or even airlifted, worldwide in support of disaster areas, field training sites and military operations.

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Data sheet
Modular Fuel Kitchen

See how easy it can be to serve the hungry warfighter or the starving refugee.

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