SI-8946/SYS Observer I Portable Spectrum Survey System

A fully self-contained 20 MHz - 3 GHz survey system in a rugged transit case.


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Observer is a fully self-contained mobile RF spectrum monitoring and wideband recording subsystem that is designed to support demanding tactical survey missions. Its front end integrates high-speed scanning and spectrum analysis to allow simultaneous display of multiple user-defined windows. This allows quick and easy selection or recording of any view.

The versatility of this system allows the user to unobtrusively monitor and record target emitters operating in the 20 MHz – 3000 MHz frequency range (or in the 20 MHz – 12400 MHz with optional frequency extension) during patrols in the conduct of countersurveillance activities and for counterintelligence purposes.

SI-8946/SYS Observer Spectrum Survey
An All Inclusive Spectrum Monitoring System

The Observer System houses a high-performance receiver, software definable radio, solid-state recorder and laptop PC in a single compact transit case.

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