Swing-Thru Container Handling Trailer

Flexible Loader for Quick Container Handling Operations


Mike O'Leary

DRS Land Systems

St. Louis, Missouri


+1 314 553 4912 

Jan Pudlowski

Parts & Service


+1 314 553 4272 

With very little need for operator assistance, the Swing Thru Flexible Container Handling System kit allows long-haul trailer operators to quickly load and unload standard ISO containers without the need for material handling equipment.

Quickly and automatically load and unload standard ISO containers.


  • C-130, C-5 and C-17 air transportable (unloaded)
  • Load / unload from either side of trailer
  • Level lifting and precise placement of containers
  • Handles two 6.09 m / 20-foot containers at 16.5 to each, or one 12.19 m / 40-foot container at 33 tons
  • Eliminates the need for other material handling equipment or container handling equipment
  • Load / unload to / from other platforms
  • One soldier operation



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