Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS)

Detect modern, stealthy underwater mines with real-time image generation and display.


James Gray

Advanced Acoustic Concepts, LLC

+1 202 350 9614 

Our Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS) is the most mature and proven SAS available today.  We offer both a third- and fourth-generation SAS that were developed based on more than eight years of real world operating experience. Enabled by advanced processing that narrows the resolution and sharpens the resulting image, our system provides photo-like rendering of objects on the ocean floor. The resolution of our system enhances automatic target recognition processes and reduces false alarm rates, which results in an overall reduction in survey time.

Our newest SAS was designed with modularity in mind so that it can be integrated into the right vehicle for the mission. Currently envisioned as either a towed sonar or integrated into an unmanned underwater vehicle, other applications are possible. The physical size of the array can be scaled to meet various levels of requirements. We have the SAS to fulfill your requirements.

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