DRS Announces 'Powered by DRS Technologies' Accreditation Program and Referral Strategy

ARLINGTON, VA, FEBRUARY 2, 2015 - DRS Technologies, Inc., a Finmeccanica Company, has announced plans for its new 'Powered by DRS Technologies' product accreditation program. The intent of the program is to highlight the integrated solutions of original equipment manufacturers' (OEMs) that employ DRS's premier Tamarisk® thermal imaging camera modules, infrared detectors and thermal systems technology.

As a leader in the development and manufacture of advanced electro-optical infrared sensors and systems, DRS has been providing state-of-the-art infrared imaging components to OEMs and military prime contractors for over half a century. DRS has launched its 'Powered by DRS Technologies' Product Accreditation program to highlight products that successfully integrate DRS thermal imaging technologies and provide end users with feature-rich capabilities and competitively positioned, market-ready solutions. 

The 'Powered by DRS Technologies' accreditation will be available to OEMs that successfully collaborate with DRS to include infrared camera modules and detectors into their superior product offerings. The program facilitates the cross promotion of DRS customers' brands, products and capabilities while also referring business opportunities that match these offerings.

"When an end-user sees a product with a 'Powered by DRS Technologies' accreditation, they should be instantly assured that the OEM has selected infrared imaging components that have the distinct advantages of DRS' unmatched thermal image quality," said Todd Brown, Senior Director, Worldwide Sales and Marketing for DRS Commercial Infrared Systems. 

DRS's accreditation program signals a strategic marketing shift. Effective immediately, the Commercial Infrared Systems division of DRS has elected to discontinue direct sales and marketing of its WatchMaster® branded IP thermal security camera systems and will refer security systems business to accredited OEM products instead. DRS remains dedicated to high-quality standards and honors all existing, fielded WatchMaster® thermal camera systems with a full two-year warranty and technical support.

The first set of OEM products receiving "Powered by DRS Technologies" accreditations will be DVTEL's ioi Thermal camera line and Ganz® Security's Ganz Thermal Series. The DVTEL ioi Thermal and Ganz Thermal product lines are well positioned to address the growing requirements for analog and IP networked thermal security solutions. Through successful adaptation of DRS thermal imaging technology and value-added auxiliary services and support, both companies uniquely build on the proprietary benefits of DRS' uncooled thermal imaging configurations with established distribution channels, breadth of product portfolio, proven industry knowledge-base and brand equity in the security and surveillance market.

DRS and its select OEM customers will maintain a strategic focus by aggressively pursuing innovative solutions and providing end-users with intelligent systems and competitive pricing. This strategic focus will fuel continued growth and product development in markets spanning the security and surveillance industry, unmanned systems, medical imaging, fire detection and other emerging infrared applications. Visit www.drsinfrared.com/PoweredbyDRSProgram to learn more about the program and stay informed on the next generation of OEM thermal products 'Powered by DRS Technologies.'

About DRS Technologies
DRS Technologies is a leading supplier of integrated products, services and support to military forces, intelligence agencies and prime contractors worldwide and is a two-time recipient of the Defense Security Service Award for Excellence in Counterintelligence as well as three James S. Cogswell Awards for Outstanding Industrial Security Achievement. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Finmeccanica SpA, which employs approximately 70,000 people worldwide. DRS' Commercial Infrared Systems line of advanced electro-optical sensor systems to include cooled and uncooled infrared camera modules, and thermal detectors is developed and manufactured in Dallas, Tex. and Melbourne, Fla. For more information visit www.drsinfrared.com. 

DVTEL is a leading developer of open-standard, end-to-end video surveillance solutions, with a wide install base of ioi Thermal cameras around the world. DVTEL's advanced technology R&D department provides enterprise-grade integrated IP video networks available for small, mid-size and enterprise applications – that are scalable and share unified architecture. Solutions include high-performance, storage-efficient HD IP cameras and video analytics for outdoor intrusion detection and tracking developed by DVTEL's research teams. . DVTEL is further expanding the capabilities of its ioi Thermal camera line. DVTEL partners with leading industry players to deliver ONVIF-compliant solutions, provide high-quality services, develop custom applications, and seamlessly integrates third-party products to ensure interoperability and performance. DVTEL's installations provide field-proven expandability, flexibility, and functionality in thousands of locations across five continents, while minimizing your investment and cost of ownership. 

For more information on DVTEL and the ioimage Thermal line Powered by DRS Technologies please visit 

About Ganz Security
Ganz Security by CBC is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of world-class, trend setting security solutions. The Ganz brand offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments and includes an extensive selection of products including IP and analog cameras, performance driven optics, a diverse range of intelligent video analytics, discreet enclosures, video management software and a full range of recording and display devices. Ganz Security's state-of-the-art products are backed by exceptional technical support and industry leading customer service and are designed for easy integration and maximum scalability for any system requirements. Ganz® is a registered trademark of the CBC Group. For more information on Ganz Security and the Ganz Thermal product series Powered by DRS Technologies please visit http://ganzsecurity.com/product_series/64/Thermal%20Imaging%20Cameras 

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