Electric & Hybrid MarineThe Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo is dedicated solely to showcasing the very latest next-generation electric and hybrid marine propulsion technologies, components and solutions. Leonardo DRS will exhibit our power-dense hybrid electric drive solutions for naval propulsion.

Dates: June 27-29, 2018

Location: Amsterdam RAI, the Netherlands

Booth: Hall 12, #E1090

Benefits of PM Technology

  • Power Density: Permanent Magnet (PM) machines are up to 50% smaller than comparable Induction Machines (IM).  They are superior for shaft mounted applications or any application where space is a premium.
  • Efficiency:  PM machines have 2-4% greater efficiency at full load and up to 30% greater efficiency at partial loads.   This results in significant fuel and cost savings over the life cycle of your ship.
  • Design Flexibility:  Can be designed as either an axial or radial field machine.  PM machines also have large air gaps which enable bearingless designs for further size and weight reduction.
  • Reliability & Resistance to Shock:  The larger air gaps in PM machines allow for more freedom of motion without the rotor hitting or rubbing the stator in shock excursions.
  • Noise & Vibration:  Back electromotive force (BEMF) can be a significant source of noise if not controlled.   PM machines have a controllable BEMF as well as less rotor windage which reduces both noise and vibration.

Product Exhibits

Electric & Hybrid Electric Ship Propulsion SystemsElectric & Hybrid Electric Ship Propulsion Systems - Leonardo DRS power-dense permanent magnet systems are ideal for hybrid electric drive and integrated electric drive naval propulsion. Our hybrid electric drive machines include gear mounted and shaft mounted solutions to fit operational needs and provide flexibility in engine room design. Learn more

Permanent Magnet Axial PA Series PM Motors & GeneratorsPermanent Magnet Axial PA Series PM Motors & Generators - The Leonardo DRS Permanent-magnet axial series motors are some of the most power-dense permanent magnet motors on the market today. The completely enclosed water cooled PA series is certified to operate in moist and dusty environments and in extreme temperatures (-40 to +60°C ). PA machines have been proven by years of rugged performance in oil and gas top drive and transit operations. Learn more

Integrated Electric DriveIntegrated Electric Drive - Permanent Magnet (PM) motor technology is an excellent ship direct drive propulsion solution and has significant advantages in size, weight and power over more conventional electric motors. PM motors designed for integrated electric drive generate high torque, allowing the motor to be directly coupled to a ship’s propeller shaft, eliminating the need for a traditional mechanical reduction gear. Learn more