The Navy League’s Sea-Air-Space Exposition is now the largest maritime exposition in the U.S. and brings the U.S. defense industrial base and key military decision makers together for an annual educational, professional and maritime based event. The Navy League is a citizens’ organization whose mission supports all the U.S. sea services -- the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and U.S.-flag Merchant Marine.

The Leonardo booth at the Sea-Air-Space Exposition will feature a wide range of technologies with proven performance for naval operations.

Sea-Air-Space is now the largest maritime exposition in the U.S. and continues as an invaluable extension of the Navy League's mission of maritime policy education and sea service support. 

Dates: April 9 - 11, 2018

Location: Gaylord National Convention Center, National Harbor, MD

Booth: #1921

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Proven Performance for Naval Ships

FFGX- Capabilities ideal for FFG(X)

 Low Voltage Power DistributionFFG(X) Low Voltage Power Distribution - We have the expertise to develop the key components for next generation naval combatant ship power architectures. Switchboards. - Circuit Breakers. - Load Centers.

Hybrid Electric / Electric Propulsion MotorsFFG(X)Hybrid Electric / Electric Propulsion Motors - DRS provides power-dense solutions for Naval propulsion for Hybrid Electric Drive and Integrated Electric Drive. Our hybrid electric drive machines include gear mounted & shaft mounted solutions to fit operational needs and provide flexibility in engine room design. Our propulsion drives for U.S. Navy applications show our ability to meet strict power quality requirements. Learn more

PA44 Permanent Magnet Motor / GeneratorPA44 Permanent Magnet Motor / Generator - The PA44 is direct water-cooled and rated up to 625HP. At only 395 lbs. the PA44 produces 1.6 horsepower per lb., making it the most power dense machine in its class. It has been selected to provide hybrid electric drive propulsion for the U.S. Coast Guard Offshore Patrol Cutter program. Learn more

”Heating,FFG(X) Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning - Our naval HVAC products are designed to U.S. military specifications and are available in many standard sizes and configurations plus program specific designs for unique applications. We are an industry leader for shipboard HVAC solutions. Navy Air Handling Units (AHU). - Navy Coils.

”ModularFFG(X) Modular Refrigeration - Leonardo DRS has fully qualified Modular Refrigeration System (MRS) in .75 ton and 1.5 ton capacities. The MRS is self-contained, fully redundant, and hatch-able for easy installation. Currently being forward fit on DDG 117AF, LPD 28AF, and LHA 8AF and back fit on CVN 68 class.

”WatermistFFG(X)Watermist Fire Fighting Pump - High pressure on-board pumping system used in conjunction with specially designed spray nozzles to extinguish shipboard fires. Replaces Halon fire suppression systems in machinery and auxiliary spaces. Currently fielded on LPD 17, LHA 6, LHD 8 and DDG 1000 class ships, will be fielded on DDG 51 class FLT III variants.

Motor ControllersFFG(X)Motor Controllers - We provide a wide range of reliable motor control offerings by leveraging our strong engineering capabilities, full understanding MIL-SPECs and experience gained from a history of successful products. Motor Controllers. - Navy Electronic Motor Operator.

1500 VA AC UPS Series 851 and 853FFG(X)1500 VA AC UPS Series 851 and 853 - Leonardo DRS effectively addresses a wide range of naval surface warfare power conversion requirements. Our Tactical UPS units for use on board naval ships provide conditioned backup power to command, control, communication and navigation equipment. Learn more.

GT PackagingFFG(X)GT Packaging - Power generation uniquely packaged for U.S. Navy acoustic, shock and system specifications.

Energy Magazine DemoFFG(X)Energy Storage Magazine Demo - We have demonstrated Energy Magazine technology and multi-application hardware for future pulse weapons/sensors and stable back-up power. This technology is suitable for DDG 51 back fit and other ship class applications.

Small Weapons and Stores Elevator ControllerFFG(X)Small Weapons and Stores Elevator Controller - The Small Weapons and Stores Elevator Controller, developed for and installed on the CVN 78 class, provides remote automated electromagnetic actuation (replacing hydraulics and pneumatics) on submarines and large surface ships. Leveraging this technology will increase sortie rate and efficiency while reducing manning and total ownership costs.

76mm Shipboard Gun and Vulcano Guided AmmunitionFFG(X)76mm Shipboard Gun and Vulcano Guided Ammunition - 76mm Super Rapid Gun is an ideal solution for increasing ship lethality and survivability. Leonardo DRS provides refurbishment as the US-licensed manufacturer and for FMS opportunities. The Vulcano is a family of unguided ballistic extended-range (BER) and guided long-range (GLR) ammunition for 76 mm and 127 mm naval munitions and 155 mm land artillery systems. Learn more

 Common Display System (CDS)FFG(X) Common Display System (CDS) - The CDS Console provides a rugged workstation qualified for shipboard use in the tactical environment. Leonardo DRS is a proven product design, shipboard display and processing modernization specialist.

Mission Critical Equipment Cabinet for CPS TI16FFG(X)Mission Critical Equipment Cabinet for CPS TI16 - DRS provides development, testing, production and delivery of display, workstation, processing and network systems for ship combat control.

Radar Systems and SensorsFFG(X)Radar Systems and Sensors - Our capabilities allow us to meet customer needs for transitioning & modernizing radar systems.

SHINCOM IVCS CommunicationsFFG(X)SHINCOM IVCS Communications - IVCS and SVS communications (Interior Voice and Secure Voice Communications). Internal IVCS voice cabinets are physically separated forward and aft to survive battle damage. Voice terminals are throughout the ship including up the mast. Secure voice cabinet is installed close to CIC, where most of the secure terminals go. Learn more

Advanced Data Acquisition & Control System ADACSFFG(X)Advanced Data Acquisition & Control System (ADACS) - ADACS features embedded sensors & controls for preventing, predicting and detecting arc faults in high power electrical systems with real time warning and control. Learn more

Tactical TerminalsFFG(X)Tactical Terminals - Reception and transmission of near real-time threats; enables situational awareness; provides Blue Force Tracker data; supports air, ground and maritime operations. Learn more

SAMDIS Synthetic Aperture SonarSAMDIS Synthetic Aperture Sonar - Synthetic Aperture & Mine Detection Imaging Sonar (SAMDIS) provides an unmatched Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS) capability in a solution scalable to any Tow-body, UUV, LDUUV, or XLUUV. SAMDIS is a 4th generation SAS offering multi-aspect processing of ultra-high resolution SAS imagery, enabling single sweep detection and classification.

UxV Common C3UxV Common C3 - Portable computing and communications platform to enable operations from any naval vessel or pier-side.

Proven Performance for Naval Aviation

TH-119 Advanced Helicopter TrainerTH-119 Advanced Helicopter Trainer - Military Helicopter training demands the right tool for the job, Leonardo Helicopters delivers it. The TH-119 provides basic helicopter flight training cost effectively and without compromise. It provides seamless and smooth transition to modern combat helicopters. Learn more

AW609 AW609 - The unique characteristics of the AW609 TiltRotor combine the benefits of a helicopter and a fixed-wing aircraft into one aircraft. Taking off and landing vertically, flying above adverse weather conditions with up to nine people in comfort in a pressurized cabin at twice the speed and range typical of helicopters, the AW609 TiltRotor represents the next generation of aircraft transport for civil (both private and commercial operators), government and para-public roles.

Distributed Aperture IR Counter Measures (DAIRCM)Distributed Aperture IR Counter Measures (DAIRCM) - DAIRCM is an aircraft survivability system approach that utilizes a single sensor for both 2-color IR missile warning and wide field of view gimbal for threat countermeasure. Additional capabilities of the sensor include hostile fire indication (HFI), laser warning, limited Degraded Visual Environment capability, distributed sensors available for providing 360-degree situational awareness. The ENTIRE system is only 70 pounds and includes 4-6 sensors, central port Ares laser, central processor and fiber optic cable assembly.

Dual Mode Warning Sensor (DMWS) Dual Mode Warning Sensor (DMWS) - Aircraft Survivability sensor that packages DRS’ 2-color IR missile warning capability in the US Army’s AN/AAR-57 form factor. This fast frame rate sensor is also well suited for hostile fire indication, limited Degraded Visual Environment capability and their distributed installation provides 360-degree situational awareness.

GS205 EO/IR/LD Targeting SystemGS205 EO/IR/LD Targeting System - The GS205 uses infrared technology and laser designation to provide up-to-the-second reconnaissance, surveillance, targeting and location efforts. Through day, night or stormy weather. The GS205 is fully flight proven and prepared for integration in a multitude of size, weight and power (SWaP) restricted land and sea vehicles, both manned and unmanned.

Osprey AESA RadarOsprey AESA Radar - Osprey MM multi-mode surveillance radar provides second generation Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) surveillance capability as the primary sensor on airborne assets to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Learn more