Technologies on Display

The Surface Navy Association's Annual Symposium provides U.S. Navy leaders, government officials and members of private industry an opportunity to discuss the continued national value of a strong Naval Surface Force. The event features a broad range of professional and career sessions for the U.S. Navy's surface community.

Leonardo DRS, located in booth #520, will display the following technology representing the wide range of systems and support services we provide to the U.S. Navy.

Energy Magazine Demo Energy Magazine Demo - We have demonstrated Energy Magazine technology and multi-application hardware for future pulse weapons/sensors and stable back-up power. This technology is suitable for DDG 51 back fit and other ship class applications.

Hybrid Electric / Electric Propulsion MotorsHybrid Electric / Electric Propulsion Motors - DRS provides power-dense solutions for Naval propulsion for Hybrid Electric Drive and Integrated Electric Drive. Our hybrid electric drive machines include gear mounted and shaft mounted solutions to fit operational needs and provide flexibility in engine room design. Our demonstrated propulsion drives for U.S. Navy applications show our ability to meet strict power quality and acoustic requirements. Learn more

N2000 / N2001 Navy Overload Motor Controller and NEMO DemonstratorN2000 / N2001 Navy Overload Motor Controller and NEMO Demonstrator - We provide a wide range of reliable motor control offerings by leveraging our strong engineering capabilities, full understanding MIL-SPECs and experience gained from a history of successful products.
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Modular Refrigeration Unit (MRU) Modular Refrigeration Unit (MRU) - Leonardo DRS has a fully qualified .75T MRU and a 1.5T Modular Refrigeration Unit under development. The MRUs are, hatch-able for easy installation. Currently being fielded on DDG 51 and ideal for new construction or back-fit.

Water Mist Fire Fighting Pump (WMFFP) Water Mist Fire Fighting Pump (WMFFP) - The WMFFP system replaces Halon or carbon dioxide fixed fire suppression systems, providing a safe and effective means of fire fighting machinery space fires.

76mm Shipboard Gun76mm Shipboard Gun - The Leonardo 76mm Super Rapid Gun is an ideal solution for increasing ship lethality and survivability. Leonardo DRS provides refurbishment as the US-licensed manufacturer and for FMS opportunities.

Mission Critical Equipment Cabinet for CPS TI16 Mission Critical Equipment Cabinet for CPS TI16 - DRS provides development, testing, production and delivery of display, workstation, processing and network systems for ship combat control.

Integrated Voice Communications System (IVCS) DRS’ Integrated Voice Communications System (IVCS) - is the 2nd generation SHINCOM IVCS system currently being installed on all DDG new construction and DDG and CG backfits.
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Advanced Data Acquisition & Control System ADACS Advanced Data Acquisition & Control System (ADACS) - ADACS features embedded sensors & controls for predicting and detecting arc faults in high power electrical systems with real time warning and control. Learn more

Tactical Terminals Tactical Terminals - Multifunctional tactical terminals pack more channels into smaller volumes providing additional capabilities and saving space on aircraft. That's big thinking in a compact, cutting-edge product.
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