ARLINGTON, VA, November 12, 2014 -- As part of the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ (CSIS) 2014 Global Security Form, Bill Lynn sat down with CSIS Defense-Industrial Initiatives Group director Andrew Hunter for an interview to discuss how the ongoing effects of globalization and commercialization in industry require changes in the Pentagon-defense industry relationship.

Bill has been a leader on this issue and has written and spoken about it extensively. You can watch his latest interview, this one with CSIS.

This years’ CSIS annual Global Security Forum examined how the current budgetary situation and other underlying strategic dynamics in the national security environment are leading to changes in security policy leveraging insights from a wide range of government and non-government thought leaders.

At the Forum, Bill was part of a panel titled, “The Defense Industrial Base and Federated Defense” which continued the discussion of the effects of globalization and commercialization on the defense industry and the Pentagon.  Bill was joined on the panel by a number of defense industry leaders as well as luminaries in defense analysis.