AFA Air, Space & Cyber Conference 2021


September 20 – 22 | National Harbor, MD

Location:  National Harbor, MD
Booth#:  TBD

AFA’s Air, Space & Cyber Conference attracted more than 10,000 registrants,  85 exhibitors and sponsors, 94 distinguished speakers, and 30 panels and presentations. President Donald Trump, Defense Secretary Mark Esper, Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett, and the top uniformed officers and enlisted leaders for the Air Force and Space Force all participated.

Technologies on Display

Maintenance Support Device (MSD)Maintenance Support Device (MSD)
The Leonardo DRS rugged SCORPION was built for the worst with the most robust materials available including impact-resistant ultra polymers and sturdy magnesium alloy.
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Hand-held Radar Threat Stimulator (HRTS) Hand-held Radar Threat Stimulator (HRTS)
The HRTS is designed to be an all in one ‘End of Runway’ Go/No Go confidence tester for installed aircraft warning receiver systems, or used with any RF Antenna Coupler to stimulate an RF Radar Warning Receiver based system through a direct connection.
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Tunner 60K Aircraft Cargo Tunner 60K Aircraft Cargo Loader Transporter
With a powered conveyor system and a height-adjustable deck, the Tunner Aircraft Cargo Loader gets cargo onto aircraft with hardly any operator effort. It can load at speeds up to 23 miles per hour and can easily be adjusted to suit the target aircraft.
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Our training systems include integrated ground based EW emitters, display and debrief subsystems, airborne external pods, and avionics that are scalable from individual one on one training events to force on force engagements anywhere around the globe.
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Joint Tactical Terminal – Integrated Broadcast Service
Joint Tactical Terminal – Integrated Broadcast Service
The Joint Tactical Terminal – Integrated Broadcast Service (JTT-IBS) provides secure two way satellite communications (SATCOM) for critical, near real-time multi-source threat, survivor, and Blue Force Tracker data.
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Joint Tactical Terminal – Receiver (JTT-Rx)Joint Tactical Terminal – Receiver (JTT-Rx)
Provides the most comprehensive near real time situational awareness and intelligence picture worldwide. It is a stand-alone interoperable beyond line-of-sight (BLOS) emissions controlled (EMCON) broadcast receiver for millions of threat, survivor, and Blue Force Tracking (BFT) reports daily without the need for data forwarders.
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Leonardo Helicopters Leonardo Helicopters
The broadest portfolio of latest generation products across all main weight categories for commercial and military applications, training services and customer support.
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