Modern Day Marine 2021 (CANCELLED)

September 21 - 23, 2021 | Quantico, VA


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Modern Day Marine is the premier military equipment, systems, services and technology exposition. View the latest Marine relevant products and solutions, as well as attend service level presentations on future operating concepts, requirements, experimentation and acquisitions objectives, and implications of the emerging operational environment.

Technologies on Display

Distributed Aperture IR Counter Measures (DAIRCM)Distributed Aperture IR Counter Measures (DAIRCM)

DAIRCM is an aircraft survivability system approach that utilizes a single sensor for both 2-color IR missile warning and wide field of view gimbal for threat countermeasure. Additional capabilities of the sensor include hostile fire indication (HFI), laser warning, limited Degraded Visual Environment capability, distributed sensors available for providing 360-degree situational awareness.

Distributed Aperture Sensor (DAS)Distributed Aperture Sensor (DAS)

The DAS camera is a long-wave infrared camera which provides helicopter pilots visibility in degraded visual environments. Maneuvering an aircraft in dusty, sandy or foggy environments or in complete darkness can be difficult.

Dual Mode Warning Sensor (DMWS) Dual Mode Warning Sensor (DMWS)

Aircraft survivability sensor that packages Leonardo DRS’ 2-color IR missile warning capability in the US Army’s AN/AAR-57 form factor. This fast frame rate sensor is also well suited for hostile fire indication, limited Degraded Visual Environment capability and their distributed installation provides 360-degree situational awareness.

Family of Weapon Sights-Crew ServedFamily of Weapon Sights - Crew Served (FWS-CS)

The FWS-CS is a thermal weapon sight, which wirelessly communicates with a helmet worn display (HMD) increasing survivability and decisive operations in day or night conditions. The Warfighter has the ability to engage enemy targets while they are in defilade.

Family of Weapon Sights individual (FWS-I)Family of Weapon Sights - Individual (FWS-I)

The FWS-I is an advanced clip-on infrared weapon sight combining rugged, lightweight, modular construction with superior thermal imaging technology giving today’s Warfighter uncompromising performance in day or night and in smoke or fog, significantly increasing survivability.

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Improved Night Observation Device (INOD) Block IIIImproved Night Observation Device (INOD) Block III

The INOD Block III thermal weapon sight provides night/day and degraded battlefield or weather condition visibility for the Special Operation Forces (SOF) Sniper by easily clipping the device in front of the existing day scope.

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Joint Effects Targeting System (JETS)Joint Effects Targeting System (JETS)

Unfavorable conditions are common for American Soldiers on battlefields around the world. They often operate in pitch-dark, fog, haze, dust, smoke and adverse weather.

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Unmatched reliability and support anywhere in the world, 24x7x365. It’s a bold claim to make. But that’s exactly what we deliver with our world-class, mission-critical communications and security solutions. Demanding requirements are met with tailored solutions, rapid response support, technological expertise and a team of dedicated field service representatives. We go where you go.

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Intelligence, Information, Cyber, Electronic Warfare & Space SystemsIntelligence, Information, Cyber, Electronic Warfare & Space Systems

Solutions that provide disruptive capabilities while also delivering the best value products and responsive service. Because no one wants to fight a fair fight.

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Blackstone Body-Worn DF/TDOA SystemBlackstone Body-Worn DF/TDOA System

The Blackstone Body-Worn DF/TDOA systems provides mission-critical intelligence to the Warfighter by rapidly detecting and locating a wide range of threat signals, monitoring signals of interest, and supporting real-time analysis.

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SI-8649A/PF PicoFlexor™ TransceiverSI-8649A/PF PicoFlexor™ Transceiver

High RF performance combined with state-of-the-art digital processing and a simple user interface, makeup the PicoFlexor™ software-defined radio.

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Polaris VHF/UHF Multichannel Wideband TunersSI-9150 Polaris VHF/UHF Multichannel Wideband Tuners

The Polaris tuner family builds on a 50-year legacy of continuous innovation in the design of state-of-the-art HF/VHF/UHF tuners and receivers.

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SI-9170A SparrowSI-9170A Sparrow

The small yet powerful Sparrow is the optimal front-end tuner for both commercial and military systems that search, intercept and locate electromagnetic energy.

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SI-9173 VesperSI-9173 Vesper

A breakthrough in high-performance RF, containing up to ten 100 MHz channels in a single-slot 6U VPX module.

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Data Distrbution Unit - Expandable (DDUx)Data Distribution Unit - Expandable (DDUx)

The DDUx is a highly integrated and extremely rugged computing Server incorporating Intel’s Core i7 processor technology, as well as removable 2.5” solid state hard drives.

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Driver's Vision Enhancer (DVE) WideDriver's Vision Enhancer (DVE) Wide

Leonardo DRS' Driver's Vision Enhancer (DVE) Wide provides vehicle operators with enhanced situational awareness for combat and tactical-wheeled vehicles, improving survivability and mission capability.

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MFoCS II BrochureMounted Family of Computer Systems (MFoCS) II

MFoCS II is the core component of the Mounted Computing Environment. As the key enabler of any vehicle C5ISR architecture, MFoCS II provides a fully integrated Mission Command suite of capabilities.

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Multi-Function Rugged Displays (MRD) IIMulti-Function Rugged Displays (MRD) II

The MRDs are multi-function, extremely rugged, sun light readable displays that incorporate resistive touch screens.

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Multi-Function Rugged Tablet II (MRT II)Multi-Function Rugged Tablet (MRT) II

Leonardo DRS’ military rugged tablet establishes new standards in functionality and performance for portable rugged computers.

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Rugged WorkstationsRugged Workstations

Based on the very latest Intel Core™ i7 CPU technology, the Leonardo DRS RW Range of high resolution, modular multi-function tactical Smart Displays provide leading edge computing and display capability for the most demanding ground vehicle environments.

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Vehicle Intercom System (VIS)Vehicle Intercom System (VIS)

The Leonardo DRS Vehicle Intercom System (VIS) is a non-developmental product that offers a flexible, future- proof solution to platform based audio.

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