ARLINGTON, VA, September 10, 2012 -- DRS Technologies, Inc., a Finmeccanica Company, announced the winner of its 2012 Student Infrared Imaging Competition at an awards ceremony held in Melbourne, Fla. David Blix, David Campisi, Tyler Canup, Cody Fernandez and Micah Lies of University of Memphis earned the new competition’s top prize of $10,000 with their submission, Counterfeit Money Detection using Infrared Radiation. 

For the contest, DRS Technologies and its Imaging and Targeting Solutions Group (ITS) invited 13 American universities considered leaders in the field of imaging technology to use the DRS Tamarisk®320 thermal imaging cameras in creative ways.

The Tamarisk®320 is one of the world’s smallest 320 x 240 format uncooled thermal imaging cameras.

ITS donated two Tamarisk®320 cameras to each participating university for use in the competition this year and in the future. Twenty-six team projects were submitted from the 13 schools. The best entry from each school earned a $1,000 prize. Seven projects were chosen as finalists, which earned them eligibility to compete for the top prize.

With camera modules weighing as little as 33 grams, occupying less than 30 cubic centimeters, and drawing as little as 850 mW of power, the Tamarisk®320 surmounts numerous traditional thermal camera limitations. Because it senses infrared emissions (heat), rather than visible light, the Tamarisk®320 produces crystal clear imagery during the day and night, as well as through smoke, dust, haze and light fog.

Student competitors responded to the challenge with submission concepts such as object velocity calculation, authentication systems, and measuring pronation in runners. Teams of DRS employees judged the entries and named finalists based on creativity and quality. A panel consisting of members of DRS senior leadership and outside experts in the field of infrared technology selected the grand prize winning submission.

“We are incredibly energized by the high degree of innovation and focus demonstrated by these students in their submissions,” said ITS President Todd Stirtzinger. “Our intent with the Student Infrared Imaging Competition is to raise awareness of practical applications of thermal imagers as they become more commercially available. We are impressed by how effectively these entries showcase the technology’s potential.”

Participating universities included: Boston University, Florida Institute of Technology, Johns Hopkins University, Norwich University, Ohio University, Oklahoma State University, Penn State University, UCLA, University of Memphis, University of Michigan, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, University of Texas at Arlington, and University of Texas at Dallas.

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