ARLINGTON, VA, September 1, 2014 -- DRS Technologies Inc., a Finmeccanica Company, announced today that it has successfully completed the Army’s Critical Design Review (CDR) for the Mojave program, also known as the Target Location Designation System (TLDS). The passage of this critical program milestone moves the company closer to providing precision targeting capability to U.S. military forward observers in all battlefield environments. 

The DRS Technologies Mojave/TLDS system is expected to revolutionize U.S. Army field artillery operations by reducing the size of current systems that make it difficult to conduct rapid target engagement when immediate strikes are needed. The Mojave/TLDS is designed to give forward observers the ability to acquire, target, and request fire in austere environments with precision strikes without the need for mensuration. The introduction of quick and consistent precision grids can give maneuver commanders greater discretion when engaging targets. It can reduce the time to get artillery rounds on target, as well as the amount rounds needed for target destruction. The added precision in turn can reduce fratricide and collateral damage.

DRS Technologies recently hosted the Program Manager - Soldier Precision Targeting Devices (PM-SPTD), TRADOC Capabilities Manager Fires Cells, and other essential members of the government customer community at its Dallas, TX facility for the design review. With the successful completion of the CDR, DRS Technologies now moves the program to contractor and government testing.

The DRS Mojave/TLDS program utilizes employees at their Dallas, TX, and Melbourne, FL, facilities to execute the engineering, manufacturing and development process and production for this high priority U.S. Army program. “DRS employees at both facilities were crucial in the successful completion of this major milestone and the team is actively working towards testing the current production model of the Mojave system as they move into the next phase of the program,” said Shawn Black, Vice President and General Manager, DRS Network Computing and Imaging Systems . “Our suppliers on the program were also key to the team’s success by building sample hardware while conducting early tests to demonstrate the significant technologies of the Mojave design,” Black said.

DRS Technologies has been working with PM-SPTD for over 4 years developing and understanding required technologies to fill the Army’s gap for precision targeting. By investing in Mojave/TLDS from the early stages of this program in 2008, DRS Technologies has been able to facilitate the evolution of the system from the TLDS I through to the current engineering, manufacturing and development process, ultimately transitioning the system to production and fielding in 2016.

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