ARLINGTON, VA, June 11, 2012 -- DRS Technologies, Inc. a Finmeccanica Company announced that DRS Consolidated Controls, Inc. (DRS-CCI), a DRS Technologies business unit, unveiled a new line of Pressure and Differential Pressure Transmitters. Featuring a longer product life, these transmitters eliminate the need for frequent replacement, streamlining scheduled plant outages and reducing the total cost of ownership. 

“Not only do our transmitters offer a service life that surpasses all of our competitors,” says Peter Kirk, vice president of business development for DRS-CCI, “they also survive the most severe Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA) and qualification test requirements.”

Created in response to customer requests for products capable of withstanding more stringent qualifications tests, the Pressure and Differential Pressure Transmitters draw on DRS CCI’s experience over the past 55 years. “These rugged commercial transmitters are capable of withstanding severe accident conditions and offer an extended qualified service life,” Kirk noted.

Featuring an all-welded pressure boundary and no fill fluid, the transmitters are not subject to drift and leakage. Additionally, they can withstand higher shock during an accident condition, as well as higher temperatures. Their longer life reduces radioactive waste and allows electronics to be changed without requiring a whole replacement transmitter.

DRS Consolidated Controls, Inc., headquartered in Danbury, Conn., designs, manufactures, qualifies and tests instrument and control systems for commercial nuclear power plants. During its long history, the company has installed safety control systems in more than 30 commercial nuclear power plants worldwide.

The company’s NRC-compliant 10 CFR Part 50 Appendix B nuclear quality assurance program has been continuously maintained since 1974. For additional information, visit www.drs-cci.com.

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