EW Stimulation/Testing from Radar to Optical

Complete End-to-End Electronic Warfare (EW) test solutions for a wide range of air, land or sea platforms.


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Leonardo DRS has a proud history of providing leading edge rugged systems for embedded applications such as datalinks and mission computing, as well as being a world leader in the design, development and support of complex Electronic Warfare (EW) and Defensive Aid Systems (DAS) and complete End-to-End test systems.

Leonardo DRS End-to-End test (ETET) equipment is designed to test the installed performance of Electronic Warfare (EW), Avionics and Electro-Optical systems. Leonardo DRS is the preferred supplier of this equipment to the UK MoD.  The ETET equipment has been shown to address the Built-In-Test (BIT) gap on installed EW and avionic equipment.

The Leonardo DRS EW Test Solution has to detect the threat as early as possible if it is to increase platform survivability.  

The Three Tier solution will detect if platforms are fully protected.

The History

Electronic Warfare (EW) Systems have developed beyond recognition within the last 100 years.  The development of stimulation and test techniques have become far advanced for Built in Test (BIT), Open Test Ranges – Spadeadam China Lake etc., Anechoic Chambers and Automatic Test Equipment (ATE).

DRS UK have developed a solution to close the gap called ‘End-to-End Testing’ (ETET).

Tiered Testing:  An holistic approach to Electronic Warfare (EW) stimulation/testing rotary or fixed wing platforms.

The Future

Since the first Gulf war, Leonardo DRS developed an accurate, repeatable and inexpensive method for determining the performance of Electronic Warfare Systems no matter what type of platform they are installed on; rotary, fixed wing transport, UAV. This method of stimulation/testing is called End To End Testing (ETET).

When analysing a customer’s stimulating/testing requirement, Leonardo DRS concluded that there are three essential elements.  These elements are broken down into three tiers.

Product Obsolescence

ATS100 Product Obsolescence
Through Life Support Services

DRS UK offer a through-life support service to meet the specific needs of each customer. Services range from standard ad-hoc repair, overhaul to fully comprehensive in-service support packages.

Quality Management

  • Cyber Essentials Accreditation: Accredited in March 2016.  The UK government requires all suppliers bidding for certain sensitive and personal information handling contracts to be certified.
  • DRS UK is ISO 9001 Certified and embraces Lean Six Sigma Principles.
Tuning in to the Invisible
Tuning in to the Invisible

A game-changing capability that provides pilots with last-minute awareness of threats signals that might be encountered during an in-flight operational mission.

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