Blackstone Vehicle Mount Kit

Vehicle Mount Kit for Blackstone Mobile DF/TDOA/Geo Sensor (AD10-20170)


Airborne & Intelligence Systems - Electronic Warfare


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The Blackstone Vehicle Mount Kit (VMK) extends the utility of the Blackstone system into stationary mast and moving vehicle applications. The sensor and DF head are repurposed from their on-the-march configuration to the VMK configuration in less than five minutes.

Blackstone is a manpack ISR sensor used for HF/VHF/UHF signal detection, monitoring, direction finding, time tagging, and geolocating. Vehicle mounting with the VMK extends the HF DF performance while improving mobility and field of view depending on deployment.


Key Benefits

  • Extends the utility of Blackstone on-the-march system to masts and moving vehicles.
  • Installs on stationary masts or moving vehicles of opportunity including maritime vehicles.
  • Ethernet and power through commonly available Power over Ethernet.
  • Laptop user interface with extended Blackstone interface.
  • JICD4.2 reporting of Lines of Bearing via system controller (RedRock GUI or Android).

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