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Fixed and rotary wing military aircraft point-to-point cargo transport, aerial delivery, and airdrop.

Onboard systems for restraint of cargo or wheeled vehicles in military transport aircraft and gravity air drop or parachute extraction of cargo during flight. Available system features include restraint rails, roller trays, tie-down points, electronic or mechanical palletized cargo locks for tactical airdrop or transport restraint, parachute release mechanisms, towplate, mechanical or electronic system controls and structural floor panels if required.



Integrated System Command, Control
and Monitoring:

• Cargo handling controller
• Lock control panels
• Aerial delivery lock control units
• Logistics lock control units
• Remote control panels


Control and Monitoring Functions:
• Lock / unlock actuation
• Automatic airdrop lock load sensing and release
• Release gate actuation
• Parachute release actuation
• Towplate extraction/jettison actuation



Aircraft Interfaces / 
Status Monitoring:

• Mission Computer
• Avionics computer
• Aerial delivery panel
• Cargo door control unit
• Lighting
• Electrical power


• Up to DO178 Design Assurance Level A - Software Catastrophic Failure Assurance
• ARP 4754 - complex hardware certification
• Structural and electrical airworthiness


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