Compact End to End Test (CETET) Equipment

Test Defensive Aid System (DAS) sensitivity with one simple solution.


Peter Hurst

DRS Land Electronics

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Close the platform Defensive Aid System (DAS) Built In Test (BIT) gap with the new Leonardo DRS, Compact End-To-End Test equipment and antenna couplers. The latest stimulation/test equipment being brought into the Leonardo DRS family of Electronic Warfare (EW) testers is the Tier 2 Compact End-To-End Test (CETET) equipment. The CETET equipment coupled with Leonardo DRS antenna couplers provides a complete Defensive Aid System (DAS) stimulation/test solution in a single case. Coupled with Leonardo DRS antenna couplers, the CETET provides a non-intrusive method of determining the sensitivity of a platform DAS.

Leonardo CETET Equipment
Compact End-To-End Test (CETET)

The Leonardo DRS CETET Equipment connected to Leonardo DRS antenna couplers provides the perfect Stimulation/Test solution for all platform Defensive Aid Systems.

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