Electronic Warfare (EW) Training System

Train students to process voice and data signals with authentic DRS technology.


DRS Airborne & Intelligence Systems - Electronic Warfare


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In order to train the future of Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) personnel in Communications Intelligence (COMINT), EW instructors are equipped with scenario generation and scenario execution training platforms.

Using a general purpose 500 kilohertz to 3 gigahertz receiver, as well as a companion data demodulator, students learn to receive and process live off-the-air or laboratory-generated voice and data training signals with authentic technology. Student workstations also run educational applications on a familiar Windows platform.

In order to thoroughly train the next generation of students, DRS also trains the next generation of instructors. The system includes a comprehensive on-site training program for instructors, teaching them both scenario generation and scenario execution.

Students and Instructors may also receive training in Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) as an added feature. This intensive training program provides a realistic representation of today's Radio Frequency (RF) threats through a wide variety of instructor-generated scenarios.

EWTS Data Sheet
Electronic Warfare (EW) Training System

DRS’ Electronic Warfare (EW) Training System is a cost effective, laboratory-based platform that facilitates the training of military Signal Intelligence (SIGINT).

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