Hand-Held RF Test System (HRTS)


Steve Shafer

Land Electronics



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Hand-Held All in One Test Set Electronic Warfare (EW) Threat Stimulator

The HRTS is designed to be an all-in-one ‘End of Runway’ Go/No Go confidence tester for installed aircraft warning receiver systems, or used with any RF Antenna Coupler to stimulate an RF Radar Warning Receiver based system through a direct connection.

The HRTS is a fully programmable hand-held electronic warning stimulator unit for stimulating/testing platform Electronic Warfare (EW) systems. It is a self-contained battery operated unit that is easily programmed to produce simple or complex real world threat signals that installed threat warning systems are programmed to detect. The HRTS 4.3 inch color screen and edge keys guide the user quickly and easily through test scenarios.

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