Analog System Upgrades & Obsolescence Management

Let us help you extend the life of your current analog system


Peter Kirk

Vice President of Business Development


DRS Consolidated Controls

+ 1 203 798 3215

I&C systems are the nervous system of a nuclear power plant, installed throughout the plant they are vital parts of normal, abnormal and emergency operations. They monitor all aspects of the plant’s health and help respond with the care and adjustments needed. Nuclear power plants rely on I&C systems for protection, control, supervision and monitoring.

DRS Consolidated Controls offers analog system upgrades for aging systems that extend the life of your current safety system, rather than converting to a new build or digital option.  Our system upgrades enable and ensure safe and reliable power generation and performance of your existing I&C systems.

We have a long standing tradition of supporting our legacy installations for the life of the plant and do not terminate support due to an upgrade. We offer module re-designs to solve obsolescence issues as well as the following management services:

  • Commercial dedication adhering to EPRI TR-106439, EPRI NP-5652, EPRI NP-6406, and NRC Generic Letters 89-02 and 91-05
  • Technology refresh programs
  • Re-qualification testing
  • Form, fit, and function component redesign
  • Legacy part redesign

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