Royal Canadian Navy Partnership


Integrated Communications System for the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) Program

We’ve equipped the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) with proven, low-risk, fully compliant solutions for more than 50 years. We design, engineer and manufacture the most advanced integrated communications systems with 100% Canadian content. The product of Leonardo DRS and Rockwell Collins, your trusted partner. Today and tomorrow.

Shipboard Integrated Communications Lab

Shipboard Integrated Comms LabThe Shipboard Integrated Communications Laboratory (SICL), located at the Leonardo DRS Canada (DRS Canada) facility is a Technology Demonstration Lab used to integrate, test and display the latest communications technologies suitable for shipboard applications. As a completely isolated lab, it allows for the integration of customer equipment, vendor equipment and any COTS equipment without interference on the DRS Canada network. The SICL infrastructure includes a variety of isolated servers, high-resolution touchscreen displays, power sources and loads and network routers to easily facilitate any equipment installations. The SICL includes a modern suite of internal communications equipment provided by DRS Canada and external voice and data communications equipment provided by Rockwell Collins Canada; with ample space for growth. DRS Canada’s Communications Control and Management System provides an integrated management and planning tool to enhance the user’s experience.

The SICL supplements four other communications laboratories at DRS Canada facility. The SHINCOM Captive Office has been in operation for over 30 years in support of the equipment installed onboard the HALIFAX Class frigate. Similarly, the Integrated Voice Communications System (IVCS) and Secure Voice System (SVS) lab supports the equipment installed onboard the ARLEIGH BURKE and TICONDEROGA Class of ships within the USN fleet. The two other labs are dedicated to software and hardware developmental testing, supporting new product and feature development.

Your Trusted Partner in Canada

Backed by the collective expertise of Leonardo DRS and Rockwell Collins, our communications systems are proven, low-risk and fully compliant. Making our team the team to serve Canada.

Leonardo DRS CanadaLeonardo DRS Canada

Located in Kanata Ontario, Leonardo DRS Canada (DRS Canada) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Leonardo DRS.

DRS Canada designs, manufactures and supports a broad range of military communications and networks, electro-optics, infrared search and signal processing systems, ruggedized and full MIL-SPEC high-performance static power conversion equipment and other power management systems for vehicle, shipboard and airborne communications and weapons platforms. DRS Canada is also an experienced provider of turnkey state-of-the-art electronics manufacturing, integration and test services for various aerospace, defence and space applications.

DRS Canada is a registered ISO 9001:2015 certified company with a record of service to the Canadian Government for over 50 years. In addition, the company is also registered to the AS 9100D quality standard, to confirm its commitment to high quality manufacture, test and delivery of aerospace products and systems

DRS Canada provides best value with proven, fully compliant, low-risk solutions. Setting a higher standard as your trusted partner. Today and tomorrow.

Rockwell Collins CanadaRockwell Collins Canada

Rockwell Collins is committed to Canadian aerospace and defence as demonstrated by our ongoing investment in Canada for the development, production and support of advanced avionics and communications systems. On October 1, 2012 Rockwell Collins operations in Canada were merged in to a single company, Rockwell Collins Canada, to increase efficiencies in operations by leveraging our commercial aviation best practices in Montreal and our networked communications excellence in Ottawa for the benefit of both government and commercial customers. The combined company has its headquarters in Ottawa and employs 140 personnel in Canada.

Rockwell Collins in Ottawa specializes in the design, development, support, modeling and simulation of wireless, ad-hoc networking technologies for tactical applications used by the Royal Canadian Navy, coalition partners around the world, and the Canadian Army. The Ottawa facility also serves as a focal point for all Rockwell Collins systems, services and repairs for Government of Canada customers.