Total Ship Communications


Setting a Higher Standard for CSC Compliant Systems

We’re already on board with advanced integrated communications systems that deliver 100% Canadian content. For more than 50 years, we’ve equipped the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) with proven solutions, backed by the collective expertise of Leonardo DRS and Rockwell Collins, your trusted partner. Today and tomorrow.

Shipboard Communication Experts

CSC ICS Experience• Fully Integrated, Centrally Managed

• External, Internal, Security Certified

• Mission Critical Secret, TEMPEST Secure Voice System (SVS)

• Independent Multi-level Security and Payload Type GIGE Networks

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Internal & External Shipboard Communications

We’re already on board with proven, low-risk and fully-compliant integrated communications systems.


Shincom IVCS SHINCOM 3100 - Integrating tactical, administrative, voice and data communications, SHINCOM 3100 all-digital secure voice system (SVS) manages every aspect of internal and external shipboard communications.
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RT-2200A Wideband HFRT-2200A Wideband HF - The made-in-Canada RT-2200A (Wideband HF) radio combines high-quality voice and high-speed data communications with very low operating costs. Learn more

721S V/UHF Radio721S V/UHF Radio - Rockwell Collins’ software-defined 721S maritime VHF-UHF radio transceiver provides a tailorable solution for stand-alone or networked transceivers. Learn more

SMART Blade V/UHF RadioSMART Blade V/UHF Radio - SMART Blade offers you a highly flexible, portable and space efficient solution for primary, emergency, and backup AM/FM V/UHF communication. Learn more

AN/ARC-210 Gen5 Programmable Digital Communication SystemAN/ARC-210 Gen5 Programmable Digital Communication System - Rockwell Collins' software-defined ARC-210 V/UHF radio provides high-speed mobile ad hoc networked communications as well as a UHF demand assigned multiple access (DAMA) satellite communications (SATCOM) capability to its users. Learn more

SubNet Relay (SNR)SubNet Relay (SNR) - Rockwell Collins' made-in-Canada subnet relay capability is a true masterless, ad-hoc, self-organizing data networking technology with inherent relay capabilities that employs tactical line-of-sight (LOS) bearers to carry Internet Protocol (IP) data between groups of ships within a task group. Learn more

Communication Ancillaries - Rockwell Collins has sourced best in class ancillaries made by companies in Canada to provide a complete, integrated external communication solution for Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC).