Permanent Magnet (PM) Machines for Ground Vehicle Power and Propulsion


Greg Cervenka

Naval Power Systems

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Compact, Rugged, Lower-Weight Power to Accomplish the Mission.

Leonardo DRS permanent magnet (PM) machines are optimized for their application, whether it is electrical power generation or vehicle propulsion. From the beginning, we have designed and built a wide variety of machines for vehicle propulsion and power. From tracked vehicles to wheel station motors, direct drive to speed increased generators, Leonardo DRS has designed, built and tested them all. We do not focus on one architecture; rather, we build axial gap (pancake) machines and radial (barrel) machines, conventional inside rotors and external or cup rotor machines. Slow speed and high speed, with and without bearings and seals, take advantage of the PM machines’ naturally larger magnetic gap to integrate the machine with the driven equipment.

Leonardo DRS specializes in machine architecture/optimization, working with our customer to provide an optimized system solution. We are expert at architecture/optimization, vendor selection/team building, program management, system engineering, risk management, configuration management, systems integration and test, certification, integrated life-cycle support and other services required to integrate a vehicle’s entire electrical power and propulsion system.

VPI Datasheet
Electrical Equipment VPI Services

Leonardo DRS, an experienced manufacturer of power equipment and rotating machinery, provides VPI services for motor, generators, and transformers.

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