Phalanx Thermal Imager (PTI)


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Detect, Track and Engage Incoming Threats Automatically - Day, Night, Rain or Shine

The Phalanx weapons system has a duty: to detect and engage with threats automatically. Phalanx Thermal Imager provides the infrared imaging technology to make this possible. The imager cannot only search, identify and track targets, but it can identify asymmetric marine, airborne and land targets as well. This allows the operator to identify a range of potential threats and initiate life-saving responses almost immediately.

PTI is currently deployed with the Phalanx Close-In Weapons System on every class of U.S. Navy Combat Ship.

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Phalanx Thermal Imager Data Sheet
Phalanx Thermal Imager

Phalanx Thermal Imager (PTI) provides increased vision capability for shipboard applications during day, night, and adverse weather conditions.

Download the PTI data sheet