SandDust HF DF / Geolocation System

Deploy and generate highly accurate geolocation data in under 30 minutes.


DRS Airborne & Intelligence Systems - Electronic Warfare


100 North Babcock St.

Melbourne, FL 32935

+1 321 626 0563

The SandDust Geolocation System is highly accurate, easily deployable and profoundly portable. Warfighters can carry all SandDust components, including the power generator, the multi-channel HF receiver and the portable antenna array in a single SUV-sized vehicle.

In less than 30 minutes, two Warfighters can deploy SandDust to generate highly accurate Line of Bearing geolocation data on near-vertical incidence skywave (NVIS) or skywave HF transmissions.

EW Capabilities

Leonardo DRS offers an EW System, with comprehensive training and maintenance, that provides complete situational awareness of the enemy and their communications, fires and weapons systems

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