Sedona Geolocation System

Detect, record and locate battle space emitters from land, sea or sky.


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The Sedona system is a mobile Direction Finding (DF) capability that precisely locates RF signal sources using an Aperture Statistical Imaging (ASI) technique enabled by its multi-channel phase-coherent receiver architecture. The system can operate in ground, marine and airborne configurations.

The system is comprised of the Sedona sensor, an application-specific antenna array and a rugged control station. The control station connects to the Sedona sensor via a standard TCP/IP connection and uses a simple and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) for system configuration, command and status, and the display of map-based location results.

The Sedona Geolocation system can be enhanced to support a variety of mission-specific signals over a broad range of RF frequencies. Sedona hardware can be enhanced to operate as a Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) sensor node within a network of Leonardo DRS TDOA nodes, providing instantaneous location of targets and leveraging Leonardo DRS’s proven data time tagging and TDOA techniques. 

Sedona Geolocation System

The Leonardo DRS Sedona system is a mobile Direction Finding (DF) capability that precisely locates RF signal sources using an Aperture Statistical Imaging (ASI) technique.

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