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Commercial space transportation is a vital component to the future of human space exploration.  As NASA charts a new course to send humans deeper into space than ever before, we are stimulating efforts within the private sector to develop and operate safe, reliable and affordable commercial space transportation systems.  NASA's Commercial Crew Program is an innovative partnership to help the United States industry develop space transportation systems that can safely launch astronauts to the International Space Station and other low-Earth orbit destinations.

Commercial space transportation is expanding access to space while enabling the future of human space exploration.  Through innovative partnerships with the U.S. commercial industry, great strides are being made to advance America’s next human space transportation system.

Our LWIR Space Camera is an integrated sensor that includes the receiver, mechanical assembly, electronics and optics.  The LWIR Space Camera is a key piece of the Vision-based Electro-optical Sensor Tracking Assembly (VESTA), which enables the Commercial Space Transportation spacecraft to autonomously dock with the International Space Station (ISS). VESTA provides infrared imaging to support navigation performance.  Our Space Camera detects ISS’ thermal energy to support the VESTA subsystem during spacecraft rendezvous and proximity operations.



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Develop and deliver the LWIR bolometer camera for the VESTA subsystem.

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