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From the material science behind our detectors to the development of digital and analog ROICs through fully integrated FPAs and module assemblies.


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DRS designs and fabricates high-performance silicon PIN photodiodes in 2D- and linear-FPA formats with spectral response from 350nm to 1000µm.  These technologies have a proven track record on payloads such as NOAA’s GOES ABI and Himawari.



DRS has delivered infrared detectors and FPAs for multiple NASA/NOAA and Air Force space platforms, including GOES ABI.  These solutions validate our ability to design, fabricate, test and deliver space-capable FPAs and modules that meet all space reliability, environmental and performance requirements.  These detector and sensor solutions cover the full spectral range from 800nm to 14µm.  These integrated solutions use the highest performance MCT and VOx bolometer technologies available to enable optimal thermal management vs. performance.


Far Infrared
We produce high-performance blocked impurity band FPA Technology for LWIR to VLWIR applications.  Primarily used for high-end astronomy applications, they offer spectral response through 50µm with high sensitivity (D* > 1010 Jones), high response bandwidth (>100 kHz), and very stable and linear response (<0.1% RNL).


We produce high-performance hyperspectral detectors for full spectrum operation from visible through longwave infrared
(0.4 – 15µm), using MCT and Si:Ga BIB detectors.  This allows detection and identification of solid target materials and gases and supports day / night operations.


We also develop analog and digital ROICs for application to DRS and third party detectors.  Some of the ROIC features include: snapshot operation, direct-inject input or charge transimpedance amplifier operation, programmable integration time, binning, per pixel digitization, blooming control, programmable multi-step gain, mode control through serial interface, programmable window modes, large well capacities (>107 carriers), large output dynamic range (>72 dB), low readout noise, and high frame rates and pixel throughputs. These features enable enhanced system-level performance.

Packaging and Test
The breadth of our packaging and test expertise spans from the instrument level to the microelectronic device level.  Our experience includes the design, manufacturing, integration and testing of survivable systems for ground, airborne and space environments.  Smart test and validation procedures are designed to ensure first-pass success.  Our capabilities encompass key disciplines including: mechanical systems design, optical design, opto-mechanics, precision placement, electronics packaging, FPA and microelectronics packaging, cryogenics, and test, which are critical to creating functional solutions for our customers.



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