AISR Communications

Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance (AISR) Communications

Global Communication Services Supporting Manned and Unmanned AISR Platforms Worldwide

As a top integrator of satellite communications (SATCOM) for the Department of Defense (DoD), Leonardo DRS leverages its capabilities to operate and maintain SATCOM bandwidth for Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (AISR) Communications. Leonardo DRS  provides planning and engineering services to support Manned and Unmanned AISR platforms worldwide 24x7x365. Utilizing a variety of techniques and equipment, our highly trained specialists help support staffs’ daily operations that are critical to global security. We consistently demonstrate the ability to provision bandwidth rapidly to support new and emerging global requirements in support of AISR missions, including:

  • AISR related ground processing systems
  • AISR threat warning support
  • AISR information from on-board sensors during missions in progress
  • Secure remote office and mobile worker interactions

Leonardo DRS’ proven ability to support mission-critical customers is founded on our customer-centric culture and our belief that competent and reliable technical solutions must be deployed before emergencies occur. As a mission partner, we developed a comprehensive, progressive, and resilient network and support infrastructure, including the Leonardo DRS AISR Operations Center, which consists of Tier 1-2 technicians and AISR subject matter experts (SMEs) – where all personnel are well trained in KuSS/KaSS Hub systems and aircraft modem technology. The AISR Operations Center uses a comprehensive list of tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) to aid in the execution of daily operations. Acting as the primary point of contact for all AISR satellite-related issues, the AISR Operations Center coordinates with the appropriate AISR community stakeholders to troubleshoot satellite network anomalies and satellite outages. Further, the Leonardo DRS AISR Operations Center team has close working relationships with leading AISR vendors enabling rapid implementation of mission support reducing planning, engineering, and deployment of solutions from days to hours with higher tracking and situational awareness capability.

Operations Support

  • Rapid provisioning of bandwidth for AISR missions with new and emerging global requirements
  • Tracking and processing of access requirements
  • Rapid response to real-world and training mission requests assisting deployed and in-garrison forces
  • 24x7x365 on-site Tier 1 and Tier 2 technicians, and AISR subject matter experts (SMEs)

SATCOM Bandwidth

  • RF engineering and capacity management

Monitoring & Control

  • Aircraft SATCOM terminal characteristics, performance analysis & detection, measured vs. planned, and trends
  • Troubleshooting of network anomalies, satellite
    outages, and aircraft satellite terminal issues.
  • Activation of KuSS/KaSS and unmanned assets
  • Supporting manned ISR platforms with unique satellite operator portal tools through a common operations and maintenance engineering toolset (COMET)

Leonardo DRS Resilient Global Communications Network and AISR Operations Center

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AISR Communications data sheet

Leonardo DRS provides planning and engineering services to support Manned and Unmanned AISR platforms worldwide 24x7x365.

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