Altitude Hold and Hover Stabilization (AHHS) System

Increase flight safety and situational awareness in low visibility conditions.


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In brownout or whiteout conditions, over-water hovers and tight landing zones (LZ), the AHHS system provides hands-free cyclic and collective control for cruise, low-altitude hover operations, precision hover and drift control, automatic descend to the ground, and automatic go-around. Giving pilots confidence, safety and more precise control in otherwise blinding and debilitating conditions.

AHHS integrates with the aircraft’s existing flight control systems and can connect with any number of on-board sensor inputs, including GPS, INS, EGI, gyros and accelerometers.

This low-cost solution has been implemented on a number of helicopter platforms: the USAF HH-60G PAVE HAWK, the MH-53M PAVE LOW, the Israeli Air Force CH-53 and the Republic of Korea Air Force HH-60P SAR Helicopter.

Altitude Hold & Hover Stabilization
AHHS Video

Leonardo DRS' fifth generation Altitude Hold & Hover Stabilization (AHHS) System improves operations in degraded visual environments.

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AHHS Data Sheet

The latest AHHS generation is equipped with auto pilot capabilities and provides a low-cost solution for increased flight safety and situational awareness during low visibility conditions.

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Stable Helicopter Hovering
Stable Helicopter Hovering Made Easy

Altitude hold & hover stabilization technology for U.S. Military helicopters allows pilots to focus on the mission and crew safety.

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