Compact End to End Test (CETET) Equipment


Peter Hurst

Land Electronics

+44 7770 818465



Test Defensive Aid System (DAS) sensitivity with one simple solution.

The Compact End-To-End Test (CETET) Equipment (when connected to an appropriate antenna coupler) is an Tier 2 Electronic Warfare (EW) Tester designed to provide the perfect stimulation/test solution for all Defensive Aid Systems (DAS). 

Designed to close the platform’s Defensive Aid System (DAS) Built In Test (BIT) Gap, the CETET equipment provides a complete Defensive Aid System (DAS) stimulation/test solution in a single case. Coupled with an appropriate antenna coupler, it provides a nonintrusive method of determining the sensitivity of a platforms DAS performance. 

Conceived primarily for the UK helicopter market, the CETET equipment is now in service supporting deployed operations, testing the defensive systems installed upon Eurofighter Typhoon, Tornado, C130J, Hercules, MRH90, Chinook, Apache and Merlin. 

The CETET allows the operator to run different Test program Software (TPS) routines matched to the system Mission Dependent Data software. The complete operational function of the platform DAS system is fully stimulated/tested including antennas, transmission lines, radomes, cockpit displays, controls and system communication buses. Selectable, nonintrusive testing can be fully automatic or manual.