DRS GES Discreet Networks

Discreet Networks

Providing Anonymity for Mission-Critical Voice, Video and Data

Leonardo DRS leverages the high availability and low latency of its Risk Management Framework (RMF) authorized Global Communications Network (GCN) to provide its core infrastructure for customers who require discreet network solutions. Our Discreet Networks integrate circuit management of public and private leased lines with a global architecture that is tailored to the customers’ specific requirements, creating a personalized level of security that maintains the confidentiality, integrity and security of mission-critical voice, video and data circuits. Leonardo DRS Discreet Networks allow authorized users to:

  • Safely share vital information in real time
  • Securely connect to distributed databases, cloud or private enclaves
  • Secure remote office and mobile worker

Leonardo DRS is accustomed to meeting the most demanding operational requirements for delivering extremely secure and agile mission-critical global communications solutions. Leonardo DRS Discreet Networks is an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) that is software and system agnostic as well as accessible from any authorized device and any location. Leonardo DRS uses the GCN to provide the necessary anonymity for discreet customers. The Leonardo DRS Global Network Operations and Security Center (NOSC) provides 24x7x365 network monitoring, control, and technical support to ensure optimized performance and persistent security for each Discreet Network customer.

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Enterprise Managed Attribution

  • enterprise IT managementPersonalized and tailored circuit management with anonymous, untraceable sacrificial nodes throughout the world
  • Un-throttled colorless core and Tier 1 Internet access
  • On-demand project management and engineering support


24x7x365 Monitoring & Technical Support

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) network monitoring
  • Help desk with Tier I, II, and III support
  • Automated ticketing and custom performance reports


Leonardo DRS Owned & RMF Authorized Transport

  • risk management frameworkU.S. Government Authorized to Operate (ATO) and Authorized to Connect (ATC), RMF assessed and authorized - moderate, moderate, high (MMH)
  • Carrier-grade MPLS network
  • Redundant, self-healing fiber circuits
  • Globally dispersed Internet PoPs
  • Secure connections to customer networks
  • Diverse, redundant access to the entire commercial and Military satellite arc