Hot Mock-Up Benches

Leonardo DRS has developed several standard Hot Mock-up Bench (HMB) configurations for the AN/ALR-69, AN/ALR-56M, AN/ALE-47 and AN/AAR-47 avionics systems. Included in these configurations are the Integrated System Simulator, a 19” rack configuration, the Portable Test Unit configuration, and a computer enhanced configuration used for Intermediate-Level applications with increased screening, test and diagnostic applications. The HMB can also be used with the Leonardo DRS ALR-56M/ALR-69/APR-39 system Antenna Coupler Set for connection of an organizational-level tester such as the Leonardo DRS Electronic Combat End-To-End-Test System, or through a direct connection using radio frequency cables with TNC connectors.

A primary function of the Hot Mock-up Bench (HMB) in the maintenance environment is resolution of installed Electronic Warf re system “can not duplicate” (CND) maintenance actions. Through line replaceable unit (LRU) screening, the HMB reduces CND or retest OK (RETOK) rates. This ensures that only malfunctioning LRUs are returned to depot for repair, and can also be used to verify LRU serviceability prior to aircraft installation. The HMB is also a valuable tool for eliminating guess work in resolving ambiguities between Group B malfunctions and those rare and difficult to identify Group A malfunctions. 

US Air Force depot engineering shops and test centers alike have proven that DRS HMBs provide a viable platform for system software and hardware development and integration of operational of flight program (OFP) and  mission data, without having to rely upon the user commands for access to aircraft. One fielded use is to interface multiple system HMBs, for a total installed system suite-level hardware integration, test and evaluation. The HMB also supports system level modification, test and evaluation in an off-aircraft environment, reducing costly flight test hours. 

The HMBs also provide hands-on familiarization training that implements aircraft controls and indicators. In this configuration, the HMB supports realistic operational training -- the EW system operates exactly as installed in the aircraft, and the aircrew can see how the aircraft systems act, react and respond to commands from the cockpit controls. Multiple system mock-up benches can be integrated to operate together and offer real-time system display and threat familiarization training for C-130H, F-16 and A-10A aircrews.

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