Military Turrets

Proven Turret & Gun Systems That Meet the Army’s Requirements for Medium and Heavy Platforms

Leonardo DRS designs and produce innovative applied technology solutions that exceed cutting-edge military requirements.

  • Ground Platform Integration
  • Integrated Recon & Surveillance Systems
  • Vehicle Survivability & Lethality Systems
  • Mission Support

Light Turret

HITFIST® 25 – 30 mm for Infantry Fighting Vehicles

HITFIST® is a two-man, power-operated turret incorporating the latest technologies in the fields of electronics, protection, signature, and Man Machine Interface (MMI).

Medium Turret

HITFACT® Mk2 105/120mm

Three-man, power-operated turret armed with 105mm/52 caliber or 120mm/ 45 caliber low-recoil force gun intended for installation on light or medium weight tanks and wheeled or tracked tank destroyers.

Heavy Turret

HITFIST® Overhead Weapon Station (OWS)

Remotely operated OWS incorporating the Iatest technologies in the fields of electronics, signature and Man Machine Interface (MMI); Best of class in terms of lethality, survivability & fight ability.


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Land Systems

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