Mobile Mapping of Air and Ground Intelligence Communications (MAGIC)


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Integrate GPS Capabilities with Virtually Any Desired Subsystem

A modifiable avionics mission system, designed for aircrew situational awareness. This scalable, open architecture system provides near real-time geo-located intelligence and sensor data on a 3D moving map display. MAGIC can be configured with any number of cockpit/cabin displays to meet any mission or aircrew configuration. It can also be optimized for integration in a variety of subsystems, including Intelligence Broadcast Receiver (IBR), Link-16 and Situation Awareness Data Link (SADL), and connection with carry-on systems, as well.

MAGIC has been integrated with a variety of airborne systems, including EC-130J, HC/MC-130P/N, MC-130W, MC-130H, MC-130P, KC-130J and CV-22B.

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Keeping Air Crews Constantly In-the-Know
Keeping Air Crews Constantly In-the-Know

Mobile mapping of air and ground intelligence provides valuable situational awareness capabilities to Air Force pilots and aircrews.

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