Nuclear Instrumentation & Controls

Nuclear Instrumentation & Controls

Leonardo DRS is a design engineering organization responsible for providing design, manufacturing, testing, and delivery of high quality nuclear instrumentation and controls for installation in submarines and aircraft carriers.

We have been providing the U.S. Nuclear Navy with highly engineered electronic designs for instrumentation and control processes since our first installation on the USS Nautilus.

Leonardo DRS has extensive experience supporting naval customers; and, as a systems integrator, we work with our customers from requirements definition through deployment and sustainment to deliver the best solutions. 

Sensors & Transmitters

Pressure & Differential Pressure Transmitters

Qualified for Class 1E Safety Related Applications

Pressure TransmittersLeonardo DRS Naval Power Systems and Differential Pressure Transmitters are qualified for Class 1E safety related nuclear applications. The basic design is a Bellows/LVDT construction which DRS Consolidated Controls has over 50 years experience with units delivering reliable service in nuclear applications. Leonardo DRS Naval Power Systems manufactures a broad line of transmitters and sensors to monitor pressure, flow, level, temperature, speed and position for severe environment applications.

Leonardo DRS has a long history of providing Instrumentation and Control equipment for numerous applications. Leonardo DRS has designed, qualified and manufactured
components and systems for some of the most critical control applications around the world. Our sensors and transmitters are designed and qualified to operate in extremely adverse environmental conditions encountered in both primary and secondary plant applications. Our sensors and transmitters are highly accurate and will operate continuously for decades in critical applications. Longer life corresponds directly to lower overall operating costs through the elimination or reduction of periodic transmitter replacement due to high temperature or radiation degradation over the life of the plant.

Leonardo DRS sensors and transmitters are designed and qualified to operate in extremely adverse environmental conditions encountered in both primary and secondary plant applications. Our sensors and transmitters are highly accurate and will operate continuously for decades in critical applications. Longer life corresponds directly to lower overall operating costs through the elimination or reduction of periodic transmitter replacement due to high temperature or radiation degradation over the life of the plant.

Product Highlights

  • Qualified for Class 1E safety related applications
  • Custom application-specific models to suit the harshest needs
  • Replace legacy transmitters that are no longer available
  • Design into Advanced Reactor Applications to yield unmatched performance that can’t be satisfied with currently available transmitters
  • Over 50 years of experience producing extremely rugged units for pressure, differential pressure, position, and temperature

Reactant Coolant Pump Speed Sensors

Monitor pressure, flow, level, temperature, speed & position in both safety & non-safety-related nuclear applications.

Our speed and phase sensors monitor the rotational speed and direction of the reactor coolant pump. They are designed, built, and tested in accordance with U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) requirements for Class 1E safety-rated equipment under the Leonardo DRS Naval Power Systems’ 10 CFR Part 50 Appendix B nuclear quality assurance program. Their all-stainless-steel construction allows the sensors to operate continuously in the most extreme environments. 

The sensors is a magnetic sensor that self generates an AC signal output with frequency and or amplitude proportional to pump rotational speed. The ferromagnetic pole pieces that are on a cylinder attached to the pump rotor produce a pulse output when they pass by the sensor that is installed in the well.

  • The function of the pump speed sensor is to produce an AC signal whose output
    is linearly proportional to pump rotation speed
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Safety related/class 1E
  • IEEE 323 and 344
  • Preamplifier signal conditioner is also available
  • Flexible probe extension length to suit sensor well

Nuclear I&C Modernization Services

Let Us Help Extend the Life of Your Current Analog System

Analog System UpgradesI&C systems are the nervous system of a nuclear power plant. Installed throughout the plant, they are vital parts of normal, abnormal, and emergency operations. They monitor all aspects of the plant’s health and help respond with the care and adjustments needed. Nuclear power plants rely on I&C systems for protection, control, supervision, and monitoring.

Leonardo DRS offers nuclear I&C upgrades for aging systems that extend the life of your current safety system, rather than converting to a new build or digital option. Our modernization services enable ongoing safe and reliable power generation and performance of your existing I&C systems.

We have a long-standing tradition of supporting our legacy installations for the life of the plant and do not terminate support due to an upgrade.

We offer module re-designs to solve obsolescence issues as well as the following management services:

  • Commercial dedication adhering to EPRI TR-106439, EPRI NP-5652, EPRI NP-6406, and NRC Generic Letters 89-02 and 91-05
  • Technology refresh programs
  • Re-qualification testing
  • Form, fit, and function component redesign
  • Legacy part redesign


Design Services

Meet and Exceed Your Design Requirements

Design ServicesLeonardo DRS Naval Power Systems has an engineering staff to meet all of your nuclear system’s needs. Our team of engineers and designers is experienced across multiple disciplines and has been developing safety applications for the nuclear industry for more than 55 years. Whether you need a circuit card designed, a power supply upgrade, or a complete Distributed Control System, Leonardo DRS has the personnel and processes in place to meet and exceed your requirements. 

Nuclear Engineering Team - Our NQA-trained engineers provide design services for components and complete systems. We leverage the best-in-class off-the-shelf technologies, along with custom designed solutions, to meet the your application needs. Custom solutions are also available for critical safety systems and COTs components can be leveraged for cost sensitive applications.

Leonardo DRS Naval Power Systems provides the following nuclear engineering services: system engineering, analog and digital design engineering, mechanical design engineering, software engineering, test engineering, and field service.


Commercial Customers

Global Leader in Commercial Nuclear Safety Systems

Over the last 50 years we have installed safety control systems in more than 30 commercial nuclear power.

Leonardo DRS Naval Power Systems has a global installed base of I&C systems that include analog control systems, discrete logic systems, and microprocessor based systems. These systems have proven track records of performance, reliability and quality.

  • Commercial Nuclear CustomersAnalog Upgrade of Engineered Safety Features Actuation System (ESFAS)
  • Analog Upgrade of Load Shedder and Emergency Load Sequencer (LSELS)
  • Anticipated Trip Without Scram (ATWS)
  • Emergency Load Sequencer (ELS)
  • Emergency Power Sequencer Subsystem (EPSS)
  • Engineered Safety Features Actuation System (ESFAS)
  • Load Shedder and Emergency Load Sequencer (LSELS)
  • Main Steam and Feedwater Isolation System (MSFIS)
  • Main Steam Isolation Valve (MSIV) Electronic Logic System
  • PLµS 32 Plant Control System
  • Safeguard Load Sequencing Systems (SLSS)
  • Safety Features Actuation System (SFAS)
  • Safety Features Sequencer
  • Safety Related Auxiliary Relay System
  • Safety Related Isolation Cabinet
  • Safety Related Isolation Panels
  • Solid State Control System (SSCS)
  • Solid State Interposing Logic System (SSILS)
  • Steam and Feedwater Rupture Control System (SFRCS)
  • Steam Generator Level Instrumentation Cabinet (SGLIC)