SI-9249/FE12 Frequency Extender

1 Channel, 3 GHz - 12.4 GHz Microwave Frequency Extender


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The FE expands the frequency coverage of VHF/UHF receivers and tuners to enable intercept of microwave signals in the C band and X band. The FE extends coverage to the 3 to 12.4 GHz range. The high performance, small size, and low power of the Frequency Extender make it an ideal complement to any tuner and receiver operating in the 20 MHz to 3000 MHz frequency range.

The FE operates by accepting signals in the 20 MHz to 12400 MHz range. If the signal of interest is outside the VHF/UHF range, the FE converts a preselected frequency band to a block of frequencies within the tuning range of the companion receiver. 

Signals in the VHF/UHF range are output directly without conversion. Prior to output, signals may be routed to a post amplifier that can improve system noise performance up to 6 dB. An active antenna bias feature provides a means to power an external amplifier connected to the Frequency Extender’s input in order to compensate for antenna and cable losses.

The FE may be operated remotely via a multi-drop RS232 interface that is implemented on a miniature USB connector. It may also be operated on a stand-alone basis via DIP switches located on the bottom of the unit. This feature facilitates setup for simple or unattended operations. Operating parameters include selection of the preselector or bypass path, selection of the post-amplifier, and activation of the antenna bias feature. 

The unit operates on a 4.5 – 16 VDC input at a front panel miniature USB connector and consumes a maximum of only 3.2 watts.

SI-9249 Tactical Frequency Extender
Extending the Frequency of VHF/UHF Receivers

If a signal of interest is detected outside of the VHF/UHF range, the signal is converted to an acceptable frequency for the device to ensure you are capturing the right signals.

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