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High RF performance tuners, receivers, and subsystems providing disruptive capabilities for mission applications.

The Leonardo DRS Airborne & Intelligence Systems line of business is a world leader in high-performance data recording collection systems and radio frequency (RF) tuners, receivers, and subsystems that cover the electromagnetic spectrum from VLF to microwave. Our products are densely packaged with cutting-edge RF technology in order to detect signals of interest that would otherwise go unnoticed.

We are committed to providing outstanding product reliability and support, so you can focus on mission success. That is why our products come standard with a three year warranty (some restrictions may apply). 

DRS Signal Solutions Product Catalog
High RF Performance Technology

Our multi-function hardware is suitable for commercial applications and adaptable for land, sea and air operations across a variety of platforms.

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Where We're Going

DRS Signal Solutions SIGINT
Leading the way in SIGINT Technology

When failure is not an option, and SIGINT equipment must perform the most elite capabilities, Leonardo DRS is the industry expert you can rely on for continued innovative technology advancements.

SITREP Article
ELINT Technology Keeps Pace With Threats

The complexity of threats is increasing worldwide, meaning that the electronic-intelligence (ELINT) technology to detect, recognize and counter them must keep pace.

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Our Legacy

Watkins-Johnson Legacy DRS
The former Watkins-Johnson Company

For over 60 years, we have continued to hold up the Watkins-Johnson reputation as the oldest, most dependable and innovative RF house in the world serving the Signals Intelligence community.

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