Donating Food to Highlight Environmental Concerns


May 1, 2017 -- Leonardo DRS donated 300 pounds of food to the St. Louis Area Food Bank in observance of Earth Day 2017, April 22. The food will provide 245 meals to needy individuals.

The drive was pegged to Earth Day to illustrate the importance of food waste as an environmental issue because of greenhouse gas emissions associated with production. According to a United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization report, one-third of all food for human consumption – 1.3 billion tons – is wasted each year.

“In addition,” notes Michael Runge, senior director of Human Resources for the Land Systems unit, “the production of this wasted food requires energy, water, chemicals and land.  So why not donate something that may otherwise go to waste, or perhaps sit in your cupboards until it expires, and help another individual in the process?”