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May is Military Appreciation Month

During the month of May, the United States celebrates Military Appreciation Month as a way to honor the members of our military who have dedicated their lives to defending the interests and security of our country.

That’s why this month, Leonardo DRS is proud to announce its partnership with the USO to show our support for the men and women in our armed forces through May and year-round.

We're joining the USO to Give More than Thanks and will be sharing opportunities for our employees to participate and provide appreciation to service members throughout the month of May.

About USO

Force Behind the Forces®

soldiers with American flagThe USO serves the men and women of the U.S. military, and their families, throughout their time in uniform from the moment they join, through their deployments and as they transition back to their communities.

The USO was created to strengthen service members by galvanizing the gratitude and support of the American people. The USO connects service members to the ones they love and the things they care about no matter how far they are from home. The USO celebrates and honors their dedication while providing support and comfort every step of the way. They believe that all Americans united in spirit and action for our service members can change lives, communities, our military and our country for the better.

Although the USO is a congressionally chartered organization and works in close partnership with the Department of Defense, the USO is not part of the federal government. The USO is a family of volunteers, sustained by the charitable contributions of millions of generous Americans and united in their commitment to support America's service members by keeping them connected to the very things they've sworn to defend family, home and country.

The USO’s work is America's most powerful expression of gratitude to the men and women who secure our nation's freedoms. The USO remains dedicated to expanding access to USO centers and programs worldwide, increasing annual service connections and offering transition services for our service members and their families throughout their time of duty. In every corner of the world, our service members will know that the USO is always by their side.

Each day, service members continue to rise to every challenge our country asks them to face and they voluntarily make sacrifices for our nation, selflessly stepping up to be a force for good in the world. The nearly 5 million U.S. service members (active duty, National Guard and reservists) and their families need our support, now more than ever.

Join the USO as a Force Behind the Forces® to actively express gratitude and support members of the military and their families, at home and abroad.

Give More Than Thanks


more than thanks logoIn celebration of its 80th Anniversary, the USO has pledged to lead the way to unite all Americans to actively express gratitude and support members of the military and their families through their Give More Than Thanks campaign.

Visit to learn more.

Campaign to Connect

soldier reading messageCampaign to Connect is the USO's digital 'send a message of thanks’ platform . USO supporters can select a message of support, or write their own, which is shared at USO locations around the world. Encourage employees to express their gratitude, and if you want it to mean a little more, match the message sent with a donation.

Visit to send your own message.

USO T-Shirt Campaign

The Official Uniform of the Military Supporter

2021 t-shirt campaign designThe USO T·Shirt campaign celebrates an important member of the military community, the military supporter. The USO is grateful for these supporters because they understand and appreciate the sacrifices that our service members and their families make daily and are always ready to step up and support the USO's mission to strengthen our Armed Forces.

Each year, the USO asks service members around the world to vote and select the unique t shirt design. USO supporters who donate $29+ during the campaign receive the shirt as a token of appreciation as the Official Uniform of the Military Supporter. Get your shirt and wear it proudly as a military supporter and show the world that you have helped make an incredible impact in the lives of the men and women keeping us safe.

Rally others to be a #USOSupporter and give. Visit to donate and get your shirt.

The campaign will run from May 1-31, 2021.