Ground Vehicle Protection & Lethality

Enhance Survivability by Providing Innovative Capabilities with the Mobility, Firepower, and Protection to Achieve Tactical Overmatch.

Vehicle Protection and Lethality video

Multi-domain operations and the pace of modern combat require a balance of offensive and defensive capabilities. Retaining existing overmatch includes enhancing platform survivability against increasingly lethal ground threats as well as protecting formations from Unmanned Aircraft Systems and larger air threats. Leonardo DRS, in response to urgent needs, is providing those capabilities today.

The TROPHY Active Protection System is the world’s first and only fully operational, combat-proven active protection system. It protects armored vehicles by detecting, locating, and defeating anti-armor threats while also alerting the formation for broader threat awareness. When fully integrated on platforms, TROPHY changes how platforms are fought, especially in urban terrain, allowing leaders greater freedom of maneuver. TROPHY APS protects soldiers and vehicles in all environments, allowing them to operate across wider areas and still achieving overmatch at the platoon and company level.

The Maneuver Short Range Air Defense, or M-SHORAD, is a newly designed, tested, and fielded air defense capability that protects maneuver formations against all air threats. By detecting, identifying, tracking, and defeating air threats, M-SHORAD allows Brigade Combat Teams the freedom of maneuver necessary to achieve overmatch. From Eastern Europe to the Pacific theater, soldiers require the protection and lethality available with this capability. When integrated on the Stryker, this mission equipment package provides SHORAD soldiers with an active protection system with the mobility, firepower, and defense to move and fight with maneuver brigades.

Leonardo DRS appreciates the opportunity to deliver active protection systems that guard our warfighters against a myriad of ground and air threats. We work tirelessly to deliver the best capabilities possible to soldiers, often under rapid acquisition schedules. Failure to deliver is not an option. At Leonardo DRS, we take pride in supporting and protecting our soldiers so they can own the edge.

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TROPHY™ Active Protection System

By proactively detecting, locating, and neutralizing anti-armor threats, TROPHY™ dramatically increases platform survivability and creates a new paradigm of networked threat awareness for maneuver forces.

Leonardo DRS Vehicle Protection Systems

One of the first significant modernization programs the U.S. Army has undertaken is upgrading a number of brigades of M1A2 main battle tanks with an APS capability to counter increasingly lethal anti-armor threats on the battlefield. A highly mature APS already chosen by the U.S. Army for fielding is the TROPHY system. Developed by the Israeli firm Rafael, TROPHY is offered in the United States by Leonardo DRS.