Leonardo DRS Awarded Up to $462 Million Contract to Provide U.S. Navy Advanced Combat Networking Hardware

April 28, 2020

US Navy Advanced Consoles and Displays

ARLINGTON, VA, APRIL 28, 2020  ̶  Leonardo DRS, Inc. announced today that it has received a contract from the U.S. Navy to produce advanced consoles and display systems to support the Navy’s future surface ship combat system.  The awarded contract is worth more than $62 million with options that could be worth up to $462 million.

The Leonardo DRS Naval Electronics business unit will provide a suite of Common Display System (CDS) consoles, thin client displays, multi-mission displays, and support equipment.  The CDS consoles are a set of open-architecture watch station display consoles comprised of two different console variants: water-cooled and air-cooled.  The common display hardware provides the interface between the sailor and the ship’s combat systems.

“Building these advanced systems gives U.S. Navy sailors the latest in combat networking hardware and provides mission-critical fleet modernization and readiness requirements today and into the future,” said Tracy Howard, senior vice president and general manager of the Leonardo DRS Naval Electronics business.  “We are proud to be a trusted partner with the Navy and this contract builds on our long relationship supplying reliable products, from computing hardware infrastructure for combat systems to tactical networks and common shipboard processors,” he said.

The Common Display System consoles are the next-generation of hardware infrastructure representing the latest technology available on the market.  Leonardo DRS has a long history of producing reliable advanced hardware for all Navy surface and subsurface platforms for uses in combat systems, tactical networks, processing and machinery control.

Work will be performed at the Leonardo DRS Naval Electronics facility in Johnstown, PA.

About Leonardo DRS

Leonardo DRS is a prime contractor, leading technology innovator and supplier of integrated products, services and support to military forces, intelligence agencies and defense contractors worldwide. Its Naval Electronics business unit provides leading naval computing infrastructure, network and data distribution and middleware enterprise services, as well as world-class manufacturing and support capabilities. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, Leonardo DRS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Leonardo S.p.A. See the full range of capabilities at www.LeonardoDRS.com and on Twitter @LeonardoDRSnews.

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